The new DailyDreamDecor

We were a bit shush these days, because the new design was being implemented and of course some not so dreamy stuff went down. Ehhm, it was totally my fault, I installed updraftplus to do a backup and it completely messed up with the site, so don’t use it.
Gabi, our IT guy, swooped in and saved the day and the lovely team at Creative Summer Studio installed the new look.


When spring came around, I wanted something more personal and more dreamy for the blog, so I remember that Raluca, who went to one of my workshops, open a little design studio with her partner, Creative Summer Studio, and I loved their instagram aesthetics. After a brainstorming meeting, mood boards, many, many emails, testing and such, this dreamy look came to life.  I’m pretty sure Raluca will document everything on the site as she is better at explaining the whole process.

Buuut, I’m absoluty loving the new look and it inspires me to post more, hihihi. Also, really how cute is the heart clouds and the house? It melts my heart!

We came long way from the launch of the blog with a design made by me in photoshop, ahh, do you remember that one?

So, yes, welcome to the new DailyDreamDecor.

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