9 brilliant reasons why you should choose bespoke furniture

If you are about to update your living spaces, bespoke solutions could be a more worthwhile investment than you first think.

Bespoke furniture is a more expensive way of furnishing your home, but carefully choosing a mix of bespoke, antique and modern or classic off-the-peg furniture could turn your living space into the stylish home you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re happy to throw money at kitchen design companies and bathroom design experts, why not invest in bespoke solutions for the rest of your living spaces?

Here are 9 brilliant reasons you might want to consider bespoke furniture solutions when you’re next updating your home.

Individual style

There’s nothing worse than a home filled with boring flat-packed furniture. It’s a great way to furnish your home cheaply, but let’s face it flat-packed furniture is the great carbuncle of carbon-copy homes.

Bespoke furniture is a great way to give your home appealing individual style. If you want your home to stand out from the crowd, bespoke furnishings will definitely add an individual touch. The individual style will add more appeal to your home, so could add value to your property if you decide to move.

Freedom of choice

With bespoke furniture you get to choose the materials, design, colour and the finish to suit you and your home. How often have you visualised an ideal piece of furniture, only to find you have to compromise on shade, shape or size when it comes to sourcing it. With a bespoke piece of furniture you’ll get to realise your dream with precision.

Ethical, sustainable and local business choices

While there are sustainable and ethical choices in home furnishings, it inevitably narrows down your furniture choices. When choosing a bespoke furniture maker, you will be able to employ a company or individual who has an ethical and sustainable commitment. You can also feel you are contributing to the local economy when you choose a carpenter or bespoke furniture company from the local area.

Empatika are one example of a bespoke furniture company with a sustainable and ethical approach. They also have a completely eco-friendly handcrafted furniture brand, and through their links with the Wildlife Trust, they plant a tree for every customer who uses their services. It’s little touches like this that make the investment in bespoke furniture worthwhile.

Customised space solutions

If you have any awkward spaces in your living areas, bespoke furnishings can make the most of them. Trying to arrange furniture in rooms with awkward dimensions can make the room look crowded. It doesn’t allow you to make the best use of the space. Bespoke furniture is the perfect solution for making the best of quirky room dimensions, while at the same time retaining the natural shape and character of the room.

Furniture to suit you and your lifestyle

Bespoke furnishings aren’t just a luxury to be admired. There are many practical reasons you might choose a bespoke furniture solution. For some, bespoke solutions are a necessity. For people living with disabilities bespoke furniture solutions are often life changing and support a person to live independently in their home. Anyone who isn’t in the ‘average size’ range, for which most off-the-peg furniture is made, may also choose bespoke solutions for general comfort and ease of day-to-day living.

Even if there are no physically challenging reasons to choose bespoke furniture, it still gives the opportunity for you to have furniture solutions in your home that suit you and your family. Musically inclined families may need extra shelving for music sheets, vinyl, CDs and instruments. A bespoke solution can adapt shelf space for specific size items.

Clutter-free living

Bespoke furniture solutions broaden the spectrum for storage space. Storage solutions can be designed to suit your lifestyle with specific nooks and crannies utilised efficiently. Awkward spaces, alcoves and under-stair areas can be converted into effective storage solutions, which maximise the use of available space. You’ll have more room to keep things tidied away, allowing you to live clutter-free. Off-the-shelf standard furniture often wastes some of the available space and can look awkward in position.

Bespoke design expertise

Collaborating with a bespoke furniture designer will give you the eye of an expert. They will listen to your ideas and practical needs and help you come up with a furniture solution to suit your property and your lifestyle.

High quality furniture

There’s no doubt bespoke solutions are more expensive than furnishings from a furniture store, especially if you are picking up budget, flat-packed pieces. However, for quality and longevity, bespoke furniture is a more worthwhile investment. It’s often a false economy buying cheap and fashionable furniture, which has a shorter life in terms of style and substance.

Reproduction pieces

If you’ve seen a piece of designer furniture that’s completely out of your price-range, it could be a bespoke solution is a more financially viable alternative. Ask your bespoke furniture designer to give you a quote. You might be pleasantly surprised. Reproduction furniture is a great way of having the style you want without the ridiculous designer price tag.

Choose a bespoke solution and there’ll be no arguments putting the flat-packed furniture together!

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