7 Tips on how to get your home that dreamy Californian vibe

California, a place filled with beaches that make you think about vacations constantly. This is a place where you want to escape and enjoy a spring break or the just warm season. Because we love the California style we tough about a few tips that will help you bring this cool vibe into your homes. So, here it begins the California love:

1. Mix & Match textures

Texture mixing is a big trend for the Californian style. Mix pillows with different prints, covers with ethnic prints add also Moroccan rugs for the final touch. The more print, the merrier, because they pay a huge role in having the perfect Californian home and they go great with neutrals and green plants.


2. Add beautiful green plants

Green plants are essential for a Californian home, so add plenty of them, especially big plants and trees that will make your home looking like a jungle or a Californian forest.

3. Bring the ocean into your home by using blue shades and colors that resemble the sand

Blue and brown are the perfect combos for a Californian home, in all their shades and textures. Pair them with white, green and neutral and you will have the perfect Californian interior.

4. Add rattan furniture and wooden deco elements

Wooden and rattan are the key materials for a Californian home. You can also make you dreamy nook in your home focusing on this elements that make you think about a relaxing day at home.

5. Make your balcony an exotic space

Transform your balcony in the perfect place to hang out with your friends. Fill it with colorful printed pillows, cozy covers and lots of green plants. Add also a wooden coffee table where you can serve your favorite drinks.

6. Add printed tiles around you home

If you want tiles in your Californian home, you should pick the creative printed ones. Add them in your kitchen, bathroom and even on your fireplace.

7. Fill your home with elegant deco elements and flowers

Besides a country chic vibe, elegance is also present in a Californian home. We are talking about elegant sofas and chairs, coffee tables and even cute or chic flowers that will surround this interior.

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