Getting Creative With Colour In The Bedroom

Colour can be a hugely influential factor when it comes to designing our homes. The colours we choose have the power to influence the way we feel about our rooms and so picking the right one is key to conveying the creative theme that you actually want to get across. As Fresh Homes notes, red adds energy, blue is calming, purple adds creativity and yellow aids happiness.

What about your bedroom? How can you creatively deploy colour to deliver an effective look to this room? Here are some top tips to take on board…

A good night’s sleep

Before you run away with yourself, you need to think about the primary function of the room. You need to be able to retreat here to get a good night’s sleep and you should avoid using colour in a way that could impact on this. That probably means avoiding the energy and creativity of red and purple as you’re in danger of encouraging your mind to race off into 101 different thoughts at a time when you should be relaxing. This shouldn’t stifle your creativity – but it should set the parameters in which you choose to use colour.

You don’t have to settle for one colour scheme

One of the beauties of a bedroom is that you can actually be pretty flexible when it comes to your colour scheme, with a quick change of bedding able to make all the difference to the way your bed looks. You could even choose to have white or neutral walls and then ‘move with the seasons’ – with warm orange and brown bedding for the autumn/winter and cool and calm blue and green in the spring and summer. A white room can be an ever-changeable canvas for you to work with and you can be as bold or conservative as you wish when it comes to colour.

Headboards to draw in the eye

The bed is the important focal point of your room – which is why the bedding idea above is so important. One way to make a creative statement is with your choice of headboard. This will naturally draw in your eye and be the element that transforms your bed from merely an item of furniture into a key part of your interior design. Have a look at some of the styles at Divan Beds Centre to see how you can use this to your advantage.

Look down as well as up

Don’t just think about the colours on your walls and how you dress your bed – what’s on the floor also matters when it comes to creatively using colour to good effect in your bedroom. A bright, patterned rug can inject some bold colour into the room and be a really important part of whatever theme you are trying to create – as well as adding a splash of luxury and comfort as you tiptoe to the bed. Benuta is worth checking out for inspiration when it comes to your bedroom rug.

photos via: lustliving & realsimple

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