20 Christmas gifts ideas under 50$

It’s almost Christmas and if you didn’t found the perfect gift, we came out with 20 dreamy ideas under 50$. Sound great right? We hope you will love them:

1. Meow wine glass set – This gift is perfect for a funny and creative friend who loves cats and wine. Bring it along with a stylish bottle of wine and you have the perfect Xmas gift. You can shop the set here.


2. Double deck playing cards – A fun game for all your friend, but also a stylish and perfect gift to decorate a coffee table. Find it here.


3. Peonies framed picture – This is a lovely gift perfect for a friend with a dreamy and girly home. If you like it, check it out here.


4. Bar stool – How about a cool bar stool? Anybody will love this cool chair. So, come and check out here this awesome gift.


5. Coaster set – A fun set for a fun friend. These colorful sets will look really modern and  thet will also be very useful. Find them here.


6. Kate Spade New York Concealed Spiral Notebook – A lovely floral notebook that will be perfect for a creative person. Shop it here.


7. Ceramic pineapple – An adorable gift, perfect for a design lover with an exotic home. If you want it, you cand find it here.


8. Copper Moscow Mule Mug – A cool mug that can be monogramed and made with copper, a very popular material for this year. Shop it here.


9. Maison D’Argent Gift Set – This set has a very fancy box, that makes it perfect for an elegant friend who loves candles. Find it here.


10. Set of 3 Nesting Glass Shadow Boxes – Tree glam boxes perfect for people with lots of jewlry and accessories. You can check them out here.


11. Peacock hearts teapot – This dreamy teapot if perfect for any tea lover. If you love it, buy it here.


12. Agate bookends – Two splendid bookends made from agate. Your bookaholic friends will love them! You can buy them here.


13. Zebra dish – An extravagant deco object, that’s perfect to store small objects. If you like it you can shop it here in silver or gold.


14. Faux Red Hydrangea Arrangement in Glass Vase – A great gift for a host. It will make any home look really pretty. Check it out here.


15. Ring dish – A beautiful deco piece for a person who really loves jewlry and accesories. Shop here this dreamy item.


16. A to Z glass holder – A cool personalized gift that will make your glasses look like a cool deco object, so you can store them in a dreamy way. Check it out here.


17. Ginger Jar & Monstera leaf Print – A cute framed picture for a really cool or boho kitchen. It will be perfect for a friend who loves plants, design and has a room full of souveniers. Shop it here.


18. Oil silk cocktail set – This is the perfect gift for a friend who loves to throw a good party and who loves to make cocktails. Find it here.


19. Audrey Hepburn by Rongrong DeVoe Painting Print – A stylish piece that will look fabulous in a modern home. If you like it you can check it out here


20. Mr. and Mrs. Muse salt and pepper shakers – These dreamy kitchen decoration will be the perfect gift for a person who is passionate about cooking and table settings. You can shop them here.


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