Stand Alone Soaking Tubs Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore

When discussing making the interior design of our house heavenly, or making a plan to renovate our home to give it a classic and comfortable feel, only a few of us? would remember to mention the bathroom interior design. It is because we perceive it as the utilitarian are a which has to be practical more than beautiful, or maybe because we feel it’s a part of the home where visitors don’t usually see. But then, bathrooms are as much personal place of retreat from the world as they are the spot in our homes where we get clean. So, it’s important that you choose one that is the right fit for you and your family. Situated at the heart of this relaxation centre is the tub. Once a utilitarian device, the tub has become a glamorous and, in many cases, exciting feature in bathroom design.                                  deco

The great news however, is that bathtubs and bathrooms as a whole are full of priceless tricks for pleasant ambiance and functionality, and we have to do our best to turn them into stylish havens rather than keeping them to our second thoughts. By stylish, usable isn’t what we are making reference to, but rather, to make it interesting and exciting. The bathroom has evolved from a purely functional space to a spa-like retreat. 

Germane Bathtub Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Recently, there is more creativity in bathtub styles. The creativity exists not only in the look of the tub but the placement. With high design hitting the long-ignored tub, bathroom designers are making this fixture a focal point that doesn’t need to be tucked in a corner any more.

In the past, bathtubs were just a tub-and-shower combination, with the primary goal taking a shower and cleansing the body. Today, bathtubs are often separate from the shower, with the sole purpose of soaking to relax and unwind. Buying a soaker bathtub Montreal is no longer a simple decision, and because a tub can be an expensive and permanent purchase, it is very important to do the research before you actually buy.

In recent times, when it comes to choosing a tub, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Options include soaking tubs and freestanding tubs; classic claw-footed models; contoured shapes, ovals, squares, and rounded; tubs with neck rests and armrests; tubs set into platforms; and tubs you step down into or even walk into. 

Before shopping for a tub, first ask yourself how you like to bathe. Do you prefer a long lingering soak, or an invigorating whirlpool massages factor in how important bathing and other uses of a tub are to you and your family. Taking this opportunity to evaluate your goals and lifestyle before choosing a tub can be well worth the time investment.

Freestanding Bathtubs

To take the edge off the pressures of daily life, many people are refining different ways to relax and de-stress in their own homes by turning their bathrooms into spa-like sanctuaries. New bathroom technologies from, body sprays, and hydro-massage shower heads to towel warmers, chromatherapy components, and radiant-heat floors—have emerged in recent years to soothe tired muscles,

relax the body, and calm the mind. Soaker bathtubs are leading the list of tub trends. The National Kitchen and Bath Association(NKBA) released its 2016 report on design trends stand alone tubs is now one of the trends that adds to the success story of the bathroom design world. Central to many of today’s spa-inspired baths are freestanding soaking tubs, which have replaced the Jacuzzis and sunken garden bathtubs that were ubiquitous in design a few years ago. 

Unlike a standard tub, a freestanding bathtub is not surrounded by cabinetry or built into an alcove. The tub may stand on feet, or be skirted or encased with custom-built panels and a stone, tile, or marble deck. Designed to be self-supporting, this type of tub can serve as a luxurious focal point for any bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs Canada have largely been a high-ticket item but are now appearing more and more in the middle market. For those with the additional space, they make a nice change by adding a sculptural element as these tubs are generally better in a non-urban environment due to space and weight restrictions. This type of tub is a tricky fit in apartments, but in larger condos and single-family homes they can add a feeling of luxury and the sophistication of ‘spa’. One can find a freestanding tub to fit any decoration, from rustic to contemporary. Choose your desired shapes—oval or rectangular, or something more artsy. Then customize it with a faucet that reflects your style. You can even place a free standing tub within a shower if you’re short on space.

The familiar claw-foot bathtub has made a big comeback. Manufacturers have driven this bathroom design trend by refining and redefining the claw-foot tub’s shape, color, and material—like acrylic, cast iron, and copper.

Soaking Tubs

Another popular tub trend is the soaking tub. The NKBA survey showed that 61 percent of the designers used a deep soaker bathtub in 2015, and 36 percent plan to use them more often in 2016.

A soaking bathtub is designed for relaxation—a long, leisurely soak. Soaker tubs can be found in many different styles, from the classic enameled cast iron Victorian style claw-foot to ultramodern acrylic vessels that allow it to fit well into your bathroom design. soaking tubs takes up less space. They tend towards being more narrow and round, but deeper than a conventional bathtub. This stand alone tub features a built-in seat, much like a hot tub, but without the jets.

In a soaking tub, you can submerge yourself comfortably up to your neck, because of the tub’s depth.

Other Significance Bathtub and Bathroom Trends

Infinity Bath

Bathroom turns spa with the introduction of an overflowing bath. The effervescent bath with extra-deep reservoir features chromatherapy lighting and continuous water flow. For a truly unique bathroom design, consider an infinity bathtub. Picture that time you left the bathtub faucet running, and the water overflowed the edges—except in this case, you don’t need to panic! There’s a channel that collects the overflow and a pump that recirculates the water. If your bathroom has a window with a view, the infinity tub allows you to enjoy your soak while feeling like you’re outdoors in a stream. Your infinity tub can be elevated, like many bathtubs, or level with the floor, giving you the feeling of stepping into a lake. 

Salvaged Shower Door

Seamless glass shower partitions care popular for bathroom remodels in any style of home. Since the glass allows 100% of all natural light to flood the space, it aids in making bathrooms feel larger in size. This custom factory window made of tempered glass and raw steel adds an industrial yet, sophisticated vibe. Somewhat, I feel it also adds a romantic scene to you bathroom. The sight of a body while a space walks into the bathroom invokes a feeling I cannot describe!

Japanese Soaking Bathtub

Deep Japanese soaker tubs are replacing water-jet Jacuzzi tubs in today’s bathrooms. A Japanese soaking tub is the focus of this space, surrounded by glass-panelled doors. The tiled floors in muted tones Contribute to the relaxing experience. For me, it gives that feel that when I take a bath, the heavens are answering my prayers-yes, that ritual effect! Very positive you know.

Spacious Shower

Many homeowners today are forgoing tubs for expanded showers, which can include body sprays, multiple shower heads, therapeutic lights and more. Spacious showers is often an option for people with small bathrooms. It also adds offers an advantageous stance to keeping it clean as it is much easier to clean up.

Seated Shower

Seats are a popular feature in today’s showers. This spacious shower is equipped with a bench along the wall, which offers users a place to sit and enjoy a spa-like shower. That kind of shower feature that allows you that lazy bath you desire while you have a good scrub of your body. Very practical in yet a positive lazy way.

Steam Shower

Steam showers are a luxurious feature that more and more homeowners are splurging on. This master steam shower features an onyx bench and oversized niche for storage. The space is a true spa experience for users.

Conclusively, with today’s bathtub styles, one can’t afford after a busy day at work, to forget about that tub hidden behind a shower curtain or glass. Treat yourself to the joy of relaxing in a tub after a stressful day in the most trendy way. So, join the bathtub trends!

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  1. Soaker tubs are for young people. My mom loved soaking in the bath, but one day she couldn’t get out. My dad couldn’t help her and had to call for assistance. The tub wasn’t even a deep one.
    A lot of homes in Europe have only a tub, with no curtain or divider. You’re supposed to use the handheld shower head while sitting in the tub, to keep water from going all over. It’s dreadful. I wonder how many tubs get used for baths; most people take showers, which use a lot less water, and there are new technologies to make them even less wasteful.