How to refresh your home in just 5 minutes

If you don’t seem to like your home as much as before you need to refresh it really quick and create at least one room or corner you really love. But you actually don’t need a lot of time to do that and you can do a lot of simple things that only take like five minutes. Here are five easy ideas:

How to refresh your home in just 5 minutes

 1. Add style to your coffee table

A well arranged coffee table will add style to all your living room. Start with a tray and add a lot of structural and cool deco objects on it. Choose also a beautiful vase with flowers, candles and magazines. Don’t forget albums and books with beautiful covers that will make your whole space look pretty. Arrange all this items in a vertical and neat way that will make your living space look perfect.

How to refresh your home in just 5 minutes


2. Hang cool frames on your wall

If you have a free wall, decorate it with frames with different sizes, colors and patterns. Fill them with pictures from different fashion magazines or add fun photos with you and your friends. This will become your inspirational space when you will be looking for new things to inpire you just replace the entire picture. Easy right?

How to refresh your home in just 5 minutes3. Clean your office

A clean and pretty office will make you work better and be in a more productive working mood. So get rid of all the unnecessary papers and objects and just keep the essentials. But, make room for a cool vase or a pretty frame or a board with memories that will make your dream about a cool vacation and also keep you motivated in your goals. You can find here some ideas.

How to refresh your home in just 5 minutes

4. Store objects

The kitchen seems to be one of the messiest rooms in a home and to keep everything organized make storage boxes for lots of stuff like condiments, fruits and vegetables, bottles and utensils. Everything will be neat and pretty and you will love to stay and drink a coffee in your kitchen. See some easy storage tips here.

How to refresh your home in just 5 minutes

5. Stay clutter free

The living room and the bedroom are the rooms where you tend to clutter a lot of useless stuff. So, in just 5 minutes, go to your wardrobe and get rid off clothes you haven’t wore in a long time or just rearrange your shoes, bags or jewelry. As for the living room, go and empty a big table or a shelf and pick instead a storage box with things that seem to get dusty really fast. Here are more tips you may use.

How to refresh your home in just 5 minutes

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  1. ouuu great tips! using different frames and the storing tips are great!! definitely going to use them hehe thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

  2. I’m so in love with the photo of all the glass jars with everything labelled. Currently my closet with art supplies is a wreck- one day hopefully mine will look like those. All of these are room goals honestly *heart eyes emoji*

  3. Loved these tips, currently trying to clear up and revamp my room for a more relaxed feel. Will definitely use the storage and clutter free advice!

  4. This post couldn’t of come at a better time, as we should be moving (fingers crossed) I have been stuck on room ideas- I’m going for an airy and sohpisticated, minimal look, but with a dash of colour, but this has given me major inspiration!

  5. Hi – Thanks so much for sharing these tips! My kitchen is always a nightmare. Do you know where I can find the containers shown in photo #4? I would love to incorporate them!