6 storage ideas for your kitchen

When thinking of a perfect home, we have in mind a perfect organized space. Storage is the key solution to this kind of space and today we want to talk about the kitchen, the room filled with lots of utensils. From storing the glasses, to the cooking ingredients and other objects here are 6 solutions for an ideal kitchen and some shopping suggestions.

Cups and plates

The ideal way to store your coffee or tea mugs is by hanging them on a special rack to always come in handy. Also on top of this rack you can make shelves for the plates, bowls and normal glasses. We don’t speak about the cocktail or wine glasses those will need a special and safe place to sit in.

Fine glass wear

For your pretentions wine glasses choose a special closet, where they will be safer. Organize them by size and function. Besides being useful and safe, they will look very dreamy. Next to them you can make a special shelf for the bottles of wine and other liquors.

Spices & Ingredients

For every spice and ingredient use a jar. Besides being easier to store and to find, the jars give also a cool look to your kitchen. When picking a jar choose different sizes or colors and store them in cute shelves.

Knives, forks, spoons and other utensils

For the cutleries and other small kitchen utensils you have to make special drawers. This way It’s easier to pick them up and store them. Also, it will be ideal to organize them by type, an separate them in their special drawer.

Kitchen towels

For you towel and other kitchen accessories that are made of unbreakable materials you can pick metallic racks and position them where you will find the perfect space. Fold them and organize them by color, they will look just dreamy!

Fruits and vegetables

The cutest thing you can do is store your fruits and vegetables is store them in wooden boxes, as the ones you find in the market. This way your whole kitchen will get a more industrial and cool look.


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