Add Style to your Bedroom with 3D Leather Panels

Bedroom improvements are extremely important. We need to make our space beautiful, comfortable and extremely welcoming. After all, the bedroom is the place where you spend at least 8 hours every day, so the place must be amazing. Now, you might think that a bedroom improvement really costs a fortune. Well, not if you will chose the 3D faux leather panels offered by

The faux leather panels offered are available in a huge palette of colors, styles, patterns and different textures. These panels are made with 3 layers including one polyurethane layer, one sound + waterproof layer foam and top quality PVC. There are different thickness panels available, and many gorgeous designs that you can choose from. Some of the most beautiful colors include Black, Cream pearl, Cognac mirror, Butterscotch, Caramel/Chocolate, Golden Coal, White, White + Cognac Mirror and White + Smoked Mirrors.

white leather panels


Are the 3D panels expensive?

Absolutely not. These beautiful faux leather panels can be bought even for less than $20 a piece. The price depends on the style, color or accessories included such as mirror details for example. It is extremely important that you purchase such panels only through highly trustworthy providers. You need to purchase top quality panels made from the best materials, to ensure your DIY project will truly last in time.  Check out here some interesting ideas on how you can install these 3D leather panels.

New bedroom trends with 3D faux leather panels

Several high profile interior design magazines discuss about the beauty of bedrooms which contain such 3D faux leather panels. It is important to understand that you should not fit all the walls with such panels. Instead, play around with contrasts a little and recreate a truly amazing interior in your bedroom. For example, painting the bedroom in a vibrant and energizing color such as red is quite  a trend. The red walls all around the room will not have anything special. However, when one of the walls is fitted with up to 16 such panels on a single wall, the result will be astonishing. Red walls and white or black 3D faux leather fitted with tiny mirror accents is the best you can imagine!

If you are not that daring regarding colors, you can also opt for something more conservative for the wall color such as pearl cream, light peach or apple green. These soft colors will match perfectly with dark colored lather panels  such as black, chocolate, caramel, etc. All you need to do is check out the selection of panels offered by Talissa Décor, and select the ones that you like the most. If you want stylish and simplistic panels, you should chose the plain panels that do not have accents. If you are looking for something more luxurious and exuberant, you can select the panels with mirror accents. There are endless design options in which you can beautify your bedroom with such 3D faux leather decorative panels.

3d leather bedroom


Installing 3D Wall panels in your bedroom

The installation process is quite simple. You will not need any special equipment, because the panels should be fitted only with glue. You need to carefully prepare the surface where you will fit the panels. Then, you should apply a thin layer of glue onto the wall, but also apply glue on each panel before you install it. You should press firmly but gently the panel onto the wall for a few seconds and then you will notice it has adhered well.

Basically, each provider will display on their webpage several installation instructions and you should carefully read these. For a collection of extremely resourceful information and articles on DIY projects regarding wall panels, check this out.

Bring your walls to life with leather panels

You don’t even have to install a full wall with panels in order to achieve an extraordinary effect It is enough if you install 16 or 20 such panels on the wall behind your bed and you will achieve an instant modern décor effect. With such paneling, you will give a special dimension to your walls and to your entire room. It would be nice if you would check out a few high quality interior design pictures online in order to get some ideas on how to proceed.

These panels can be installed virtually anywhere in your bedroom: on the wall behind your bed, on the wall where your TV is, or anywhere you would like. Leather is the symbol of elegance, so you will definitely recreate the feel of a highly luxurious interior with these panels. Your bedroom can be the most simplistic, and yet with leather paneling everything will come to life.

3d leather panel


Luxury padded walls with 3D leather panels

Besides making your walls luxurious looking, you will also make your walls soundproof. These panels have different thickness levels, so they will help you nicely proof your room (depending on how many panels you will install). Take your time to browse through the amazing collections of panels, and select the ones that would best suit your interior design.

It is not advisable to combine different colors and textures of panels, as you will create a disproportionate effect. Instead, select only one type/color/texture of panels for the same room. Match the color of the panels to the color of your furniture or accessories such as curtains or carpets. There must be a nice harmony existent between different items, so keep this in mind when selecting the panels.

You can surely read plenty of important articles and resources on how to install 3D leather panels. Browse online for such articles and get advice from the best professionals out there. There are also many DIY videos available online that can show you step by step how to install effectively these panels on the walls of your bedroom. This professional guide can also help you learn how to install such paneling and achieve the design effect you are looking for.

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