5 Reasons You Should Consider Outdoor Blinds for Your Property

If you have never considered investing in outdoor blinds before, it could be the right time to introduce some positive change to your property. These highly durable and very affordable weather resistant coverings are an easy way to extend the interior of a property, without having to take on a costly construction project. If used correctly, they will enable you to create a semi-permanent space around your home that can be utilised in any way that you like.

With top quality outdoor blinds in Melbourne, you can enjoy your yard all year round. Whether you want to throw garden parties, enjoy al fresco meals with the family, or add an extra playroom or study, this is the right way to do it. Outdoor blinds are a popular sight at cafes and restaurants, because they extend the usability of the space and this is something that they can do for your property as well.

Keep reading for some of the main reasons why you should think about investing in outdoor blinds this year.

Weather Resistant

Even during the summer, when the sun is at its most enthusiastic, there are all kinds of things that can make time outdoors frustrating. For example, there are insects everywhere and dry winds can whip up dust and grit. It can be tricky to tuck into a meal when the temperatures are sweltering and the bugs are abroad. However, with weather resistant outdoor blinds, you are protected from insects, rain, wind, dust, and anything else that Mother Nature might throw up.

Green and Economical

Outdoor blinds are a really effective way to exert more control over your environment. They are very eco-friendly, because they minimise heat loss in the winter and expand it during the summer when good ventilation and cool air is much needed. In fact, they can be used as a viable alternative to air conditioning systems; if it gets hot inside the house, step outside and spend some time in your perfectly well ventilated ‘extension.’

Protection for Outdoor Furniture

The best way to use outdoor blinds is to create a fully enclosed outdoor space. That way, you can position soft furnishings and more fragile pieces of garden furniture inside its sturdy walls. This will keep them safe from the wind and rain and ensure that you don’t have to constantly rotate your yard accessories as the seasons change. You can relax, on your deck, in a hammock or sink into an outdoor sofa whenever you feel the need.

Plenty of Variety and Diversity

The only disadvantage to opting for outdoor blinds is the huge variety of styles, colours, and designs on offer. You might find it a tough task to pick your favourite! From super contemporary designs and patterns to retro stripes, spots, and more; you’re bound to find a product that perfectly fits your home. Plus, they are so easy to install that you’ll wonder why it has taken you so long to make them a part of your property.

Quick and Easy to Install

As outdoor blinds don’t require any kind of permanent structure to be built, they can be erected in a matter of hours. You’ll need to take some measurements and make sure that you have enough room first, but once this has been confirmed, the installation team can move in and start work. You’ll have a stylish and fully functional outdoor space by the end of a single afternoon or morning. Just think; all of that extra value and use for such a small amount of time and money.

Shopping for the Perfect Outdoor Blinds

Before you begin shopping, measure the space and discuss your needs with a reliable vendor. Ideally, this should be the same company that installs the outdoor blinds. That way, the product is guaranteed to be a cohesive and appropriate fit for the property. If you have decking or a patio, this is doubly important, because the blinds will need to be wide enough to accommodate the feature.

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  1. Interesting. We have old-fashioned shutters, which keep the heat in during winter nights and the sun out during summer days. With no A/C, the difference in temperature in the house is remarkable, thanks to the shutters.
    We also have roll-up mosquito screens. Mosquitos aren’t much of a problem, but flies and wasps are. The fact that they roll up is handy in winter, when we don’t need them. Friends have a screened-in outdoor room, but those screens are fixed. The model shown in the photo is new to me. Thanks!