What You Need to Consider Before Renting an Industrial Unit

If you’re looking for industrial premises to rent, you’re planning a big commitment and so you need to think carefully about what you need and whether the place you’re looking at is suitable for you and your venture.

There are four important factors that you need to think about before signing on any dotted lines:

How accessible is the premises?

If you’re involved in any sort of industry, then you’re making something, which means goods vehicles coming in to deliver materials and then your own vehicles leaving with the finished products. Think about the volume of traffic and about whether the loading bay can cope or not.

You need to look at potential turning circles for lorries or trucks, road access and loading and unloading. There’s also the security issue – is the site secure overnight and at weekends? Where will you store vehicles and valuable equipment? You should also look at existing security arrangements like guards, dogs, cameras and alarms.

How accessible is it for staff?

If you’re looking at industrial units in Wimbledon, you don’t need to worry about staff commutes so much. However, if you’re a bit further flung, make sure there’s enough transport links, easy roads and lots of parking for employees who drive in. Additionally, how comfortable will your employees be when they arrive at work? Is there room for a canteen, a snack room, or a locker and shower room if their work is heavy and dirty?

How close to town will you be?

It’s not just about the commute – can you and your staff members get into town or at least to a few amenities easily? You’ll need:

A bank so you can deposit cash and checks, as well as to talk to a financial advisor face-to-face if necessary;

A post office for sending out or receiving mail and parcels. Small businesses still get and send a large amount of post so if the post office is nearby you’ll save a lot of time and effort, and

Shops and cafes so that employees can run out and grab a sandwich, meet up, or pick up some groceries at lunch time or before they arrive in the morning. If there is a pub or two nearby you’ll have somewhere to go for a quick drink at Christmas or on birthdays, which helps to keep the workforce happy.

Can you afford it?

This is probably your most important consideration. If you’re planning to grow your business, you need the room to grow, but can you afford to spare the extra money to rent spacious enough premises? It costs money to move, so you want to find somewhere you can “settle” that’s big enough to accommodate a few more staff members and machines.

Don’t forget, to get units near a town or city centre will cost you more than units that are outside the ring road, or the city limits, so while you’re paying less rent, you may have problems with lateness or staff retention.

What are your tips for renting industrial units?

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