Dreamy modern studio in Iasi with a fresh vibe

My heart fills with you joy when I see such dreamy places in Romania. This small studio is located in Iasi and it’s the work of young ro team, Imbold Design.

The girls had the chance to design and oversee the entire decoration of the apartment, from the floors to the tiles and the deco pieces, as they took the project right after the construction phase.
The owner wanted a modern and fresh space but on a limited budget because she wanted to rent it on airbnb.

The Imbold Design team wanted to maximise the space so they opted for light floors and white walls. The colour palette  was composed of gray, turquoise and neon yellow accents. In the living room  with triples as bedroom &  dinning area, they added  subtle accents of turquoise, yellow wallpaper with neon accents on dark gray accent wall.
As for the kitchen and bathroom, the went for the same vibe and colors, especially with the bathroom grout, which I think looks amazing,  and the radiator was painted in the same shade of neon yellow.


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