The tiniest most stylish apartment you’ve seen

Welcome to this exquisite gem  with preserved 1920s charm with beautiful woodwork, herringbone floors, amazing window section with crossbars and deep niche overlooking the rooftops.

Only 20 square meters and ohh so stylish! The styling is amazing, why?

Because the owner is Residence blogger Josefin Hååg.

A tiny space can look amazing too, notice the great gallery wall and neutral color palette with how the many pillows make the space cozy & homey?








Fantastik Frank via gravityhome

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  1. I by no means to embarrass you but I thought you would like to know Your dates are wrong and you’ve used 2016 in these past posts. In motherboards, April is here yet in 2016 and some of your blogging states you’ve blogged for that month. or months in 2016 that have it yet passed. I’m just trying to help and i love you pictures and Scandinavian Styles…. I hope I’ve helped you and sorry if I’ve embarrassed you…I by NO MEANS MEAN TO DO THAT….Have a great day, Jamie