How to turn your home into a guest retreat

I can’t believe that half of my vacation is gone, just a bit and I’m back to college… This weekend, I had a movie marathon with friends, all kind of movies, dramas, comedies, thrillers, horrors… bad movies, awesome movies… and I’m still gonna watch a couple more… In the meanwhile, how amazing are these ideas on how to turn your home into a guest retreat, I should have read the article before having the movie marathon at my place!

Wish you a great week ahead!
  1. These photos are gorgeous! Any guest would feel more than welcome with that sweet little basket of goodies awaiting them. xo

  2. A movie marathon…so sweet!! And a very good idea, maybe I'll make a movie night too!!

    Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Anybody would feel great being a guest in such a house!

    Have a lovely Tuesday!! xoxoxo

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