8 Dreamy Art Deco ideas for your home

Predicting the new home decor style for 2019? Well, experts and deco passionates say that after the mid century style is time for the amazing Art deco look to be the star of interior design. And because we are already obsessing about this sophisticated trend, we bring you eight ideas for your dreamy home, room by room.


The Art Deco style

But what is Art deco anyway, you wonder? Well, it reflects the architecture style of the ’20 in all its luxury and opulence and if you think of The Great Gatsby you will instantly get a bigger picture of this dreamy style. It also shows a lot of decorative motifs, a touch of modernity, a boudoir vibe, class and fashionable deco pieces.


1. The lazy living room

Make your living room as lazy as possible and enjoy a relaxing evening in a fabulous art deco style with a velvet daybed and also a sofa. Match them with a golden coffee table and a lot of green plants and you will love your living room setting.

2. Golden moments

This kind of bedroom is a pure dream! Besides having a dreamy luxury vibe thanks to all the golden elements it has class and a timeless black and white color combo. So pick an art deco bed and nightstand or side table for your dreamy bedroom and match them with some iconic framed pictures and some fabulous lamps.

3. The elegant kitchen

The art deco kitchen is pure elegance and you will love hosting a home party even in this space. Choose dark furniture, round shapes, add golden details, think of a marble counter top and choose a fancy floor.

4. A pop of color

The art deco style is also super colorful so make a happy and colorful dining space where you mix different kinds of fancy dining chairs with a fabulous art deco table. Choose also colorful painting or framed pictures and some green plants in chic art deco flower pot.

5. The golden bookcase

Choose a minimalist bookcase for your living room, but choose one in gold. Add it next to velvet deco elements and make it really special by decorating it with art albums, metallic details and your favorite books and deco elements.

6. The elegant bathroom

This splendid art deco bathroom brings out the best trend for this season in this relaxing interior: the double sink, the retro wallpaper and a dark mysterious vibe along with some unique art deco inspired furniture. So, if you want a fancy and refined bathroom choose at least one of these elements and add also dreamy flowers and dreamy bathroom products in retro bottles.

7. The Art Deco office space

A fancy art deco chair and a vintage office desk? Yes, please! This combo goes great in a classic or retro inspired home and it looks cooler along with colorful framed pictures and a lot of green plants that bring a botanical vibe to this space.

8. The art deco bar

What is the art deco style whiteout a great party? Not much, we know! That’s why you have to make a fancy home bar on a chic cabinet that has touches of golden and decorate it with glam bottles, retro framed pictures, metallic bar elements and flowers.


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