Home electrical wiring basics

Electricity is a key component in how our homes operate therefore we rely on the electric system to give us power wherever we need it. From turning on the TV, charging our devices to powering heating and cooling systems, we must understand the basics of electricity distribution. Also, it is important to keep the system properly in safe working condition. Read

Characteristics of Mid-Century modern home

A timeless design, the mid-century modern design still finds its way into many homes. There’s just something about the sleek, clean aesthetic that people just can’t stay away from. Mid-Century Modern Design Referring to the popular furnishings of the mid-twentieth century, mid-century modern furniture was simple and functional. The mid-century modern movement was an offspring of modernism, and it peaked

Cozy and warm Scandinavian apartment

The apartment has a continuous floor plan that connects the garden with the street, with windows in two directions that let light flow throughout the space. It also features a generous high ceiling and turn of the century details, like most of Scandinavian apartments. The rooms have a romantic flair to them with beautiful views and laidback relaxing feeling.  Love

7 Amazon finds you need to check out

New amazing products arrived on Amazon from all categories. So we took a look and made a selection of September Amazon finds you need to check out. Washable stripped rug Innovative materials are created more and more often and they all come to make our lives easier. They also come with improved properties like stain resistance, pet friendly and washable.