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4.16.2014 · Posted in

For the past three days or so I've been in the process of repainting my room. There's was a certain green shade on the walls that made me question everything, now I have beautiful white walls. The whole thing started because of a couple of furniture changes here, new bed, new wardrobe and besides the painting gig,  I had to sort a lot of clothes and stuff. The thing is,  I ended up throwing about sixty percent of everything and I'm still not satisfied on how the space looks.  
So, this quote makes perfect sense...

And a dreamy spot!

The time I tried my hand at food styling

Yes, the title is spot on. On a gloomy Sunday ( I frequently work on weekends) ,  I helped on a photoshoot for a campaign of a new cooker  and I ended up styling the food & ingredients.  I'm usually  in charge with art directing / styling but this time I had fun with food instead clothes and shoes, guess what? Loved it!
There were two dishes featured, lamb stew and cheesecake, tried both, delicious.

You can check out more from the shoot here.

Photos by OpalStudio, styling be me, cooking by Catalina :)

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