How to decorate a dark room

We all love bright, warm tones when we think about painting our walls. Especially if you live in a small apartment and you need to make the most of it. Luckily, not all of us live in small houses and there are many people who live in big or decent homes. Moreover, there are people how love colors. Not only

How to fold towels properly

Beach towels, bath towels, hand towels…it’s all about shape, size, color you’d think. But the way you fold them makes the real difference. Let’s find out how to fold towels properly together!  With a bit of creativity and inspiration, towels can make a room more attractive. Have you ever wondered how to fold them so that you can have more

10 Amazon must have kitchen items

It’s time for some cool kitchen hacks, storage solutions and stylish items for a dreamy and organized kitchen. Check out 10 Amazon must-have products for your kitchen space: 1. Amazon kitchen 2022 – The practical corner shelf Take advantage of any space you have in your kitchen and most especially each corner. This farmhouse inspired corner shelf can save you