Stunning home in Barcelona

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One stunning home in Barcelona's Gothic quarter, with lovely beamed ceilings, full of light and treasures from the travels of the owners. 
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Harmony at home

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Your home should be your retreat, the space you forget about everything, that puts you in a zen mood and you feel relaxed and calm. That's was the goal of Katrine and Jacob when they renovated this house which was a hot mess of colorful walls and linoleum, linoleum that was hiding beautiful original plank flooring from when the house was built. The house is an masonry master villa from the 1900s in Denmark.
Love this daybed which was in the house before it was remodeled, only a change a mattress, a couple of pillows, a cozy throw and there you have it, a serene nook.
The couple decided to keep all original details of the home in the kitchen and the living room and mix them with carefully selected contemporary furniture.
The lovely, bright and airy kitchen is an extension of the living room that has a family dinning area. 
The black ladder brings and extra touch to the zen bedroom.
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One really dreamy bed

Inspired by  traditional Polynesian style beds, this dreamy bed features both the ancient and, through its patinated metal finish, the modern. 
Love it!
You can check it out here.
Contemporary or more feminine styling?

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Tips for using roman blinds in your decor scheme

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With their soft folds of fabric and their clean lines, Roman blinds can complement interior design schemes throughout the home, from bathrooms and kitchens to lounges and bedrooms. There’s a knack to selecting suitable blinds though and if you want yours to enhance your décor, you’ll need to bear some basic design principles in mind. Here are a few of the issues to think about when you’re searching for these stylish window dressings.

Consider light and privacy
For example, if you’re keen to create bright, airy spaces, you may be best off opting for sheer materials. These fabrics allow you to enhance privacy levels in your rooms without blocking the light from outside. In this way, they help to blur the distinction between the interior of your home and the outdoors and they can create rooms with an open look and feel. On the other hand, if you’d like complete privacy when you close your blinds, you’d be better off choosing thicker, opaque materials. Similarly, if temperatures where you live tend to soar in summer, you may want blinds that help to block out light and heat during the day. For example, if you’re buying Roman blinds in Perth, you may want blockout materials that give you more control over the temperatures in your rooms.

Choose the perfect colours
Colour is also key when you’re on the hunt for these home accessories. If your interior design scheme is understated and you want window dressings that will blend into the background, opt for muted hues like beiges and soft browns. These colours can help to give rooms a classy, sophisticated appearance. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to inject some extra life into your home, consider aiming for a bolder look. By selecting bright blues, attention-grabbing greens, radiant reds or other vivid hues, you can  bring your windows to life. If you opt for this approach though, make sure you echo the colour in other design details, like your cushions, rugs or artwork. If you don’t, your blinds may look out of place and your room could have a disjointed appearance.

Take care if you pick patterns
Like lots of homeowners, you might decide to stick to the elegant simplicity offered by single colour blinds. Alternatively, you may prefer the added visual interest that patterns can offer. If you follow this path though, you’ll need to pick your patterns carefully. For example, think about the size of your window dressings. If a pattern is large, will you see enough of it in your finished blinds? Also, pay attention to any existing patterns in your rooms. You don’t want to create a confused space containing patterns that compete with one another. It can be hard to know what different designs will look like in your rooms without actually seeing them in situ, so it’s worthwhile getting samples of the fabrics you have in mind before you commit to making a purchase.
As long as you consider these issues when you’re selecting your Roman blinds, you can be confident that you’ll end up with the perfect window dressings for your design scheme.