8 Stylish Boho outdoor terraces

It’s terrace time and if you want to make it more fun, colorful or closer to the look of nature choose the dreamy boho style. Dream, get creative and don’t forget that sky is the limit when designing the perfect bohemian themed outdoor terrace. Here are 8 stylish boho outdoor terraces: Photo credit 1. Exotic and colorful Dream of the chic

5 Improvements to Winterize Your Home

In some places in the world, winter comes with extreme weather conditions. Between the freezing temperatures, the rain, and the wind, certain houses are simply not equipped to survive these types of conditions. However, by taking care of a series of tasks before winter arrives, you can easily winterize your home and make sure it stays intact during the entire season. Keep

Dreamy rental apartment in Louisiana

I absolutely love the quote on the wall, so inspirational! The large historic windows in the living / kitchen area that overlook the downtown fill the space with an incredible light.  The historic building was built in 1947 and was once a department store, right now it’s made up of apartments and it’s filled with dreamy historic industrial details. Photos by Minette