Luxe bedroom with golden details

4.23.2014 · Posted in

Secluded sanctuary by Tompkins Lloyd Interiors... Actually a gorgeous and if I may add, very spacious, luxurious bedroom with amazing golden details. Yeah, I'm referring to the mirrors in particular.
Then there is the beautiful mix of textures and fabrics... 
Major love!

An interesting bed

4.22.2014 · Posted in

Ruggedly romantic with modern and minimal twist, this bed caught my attention the other day. Looks amazing, and kinda reminds me of the cube rings that were circulating on tumblr a while back. Still, love it. The Coba  is part of the Fab's Quitana collection, crafted by hand from sheesham wood—which is naturally gorgeous, with a unique character all its own.

Have nothing in your house

4.16.2014 · Posted in

For the past three days or so I've been in the process of repainting my room. There's was a certain green shade on the walls that made me question everything, now I have beautiful white walls. The whole thing started because of a couple of furniture changes here, new bed, new wardrobe and besides the painting gig,  I had to sort a lot of clothes and stuff. The thing is,  I ended up throwing about sixty percent of everything and I'm still not satisfied on how the space looks.  
So, this quote makes perfect sense...

And a dreamy spot!

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