Continuing with the bedroom theme Silvia started today, I had to share with you this uber cool modern Ikea bedroom. It’s a bit masculine due to the black and white  color scheme mixed with beautiful gray/blue shades. Love the effortless gallery wall that is happening there and the practical bed frame but still full of personality.

How can we translate romance in terms of decor and bedrooms? I will say you can either think of a space filled with girly red, white and rose items, or choose a dark place that will make the whole room look more mysterious. So, as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I prepared you ten ideas for a romantic and dreamy bedroom. 1. The handcrafted room I adore everything about this room. The original bed made out of wooden pallets, the paintings laid down on the floor, the original

White, light and the  design flair of Cristina Rodriguez transformed the apartment  of fashion designer in Barcelona. With a great space distribution and enlarged closet, because the owner has an extensive collection of shoes and bags, a great design mix, east vs west, nordic details & co, this is a really dreamy house. via AD Espana

How come, Denisa? How come! I’ll tell you how come immediately. If you are like me and spend a lot of time on instagram, tumblr and pinterest. Yeah, that’s quite a lot, I see this now. Anyways, I’m  pretty sure you come across dreamy bedrooms all the time and big part of the dreamy factor comes from the sheets. You know, those instagram bedroom shots, with a tea, a book and gorgeous sheets? Well, now you see where I’m going.   Besides that, a good night sleep lays in a

Since I first saw ,,Gossip girl’’ I’ve been obsessing over the  ,,Prada Marfa’’ image for my dream apartment. Now, I think this is still the first picture I want to hang in my perfect room, and make it the key element of a fashionable and classy apartment. So, here are my favorite 10 ideas on how to decorate you room using this iconic text. 1.Bricks and wood The brick wall gives a cool unfinished look to the apartment, while the ,,Prada Marfa” print makes the entire room look fancier. Also the

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