How to Design Your Ultimate Kitchen

The most important room in any home is the kitchen. Not only the place for food preparation, the kitchen tends to be where families congregate to learn about each other’s days, plan for the future, reconnect and more. Your kitchen also says a lot about your design styles and can give an inviting feel to your property straightaway. If you’re

Saving Money with a Home Warranty

Saving money is important when considering the bottom line of your personal budget, just as it is with a small business. If you have a home, HGTV recommends putting aside 1%-3% of your home value aside for repairs and maintenance of your home. If you have a $200,000 home, that means you should put aside between $167-$500 a month to

Fancy a vintage rug?

Are you one of those people who like to own archaic things that tell tales of years gone by? Do you find yourself shopping for timeworn pieces of stuff? If you are a home-decor enthusiast and want to one-up your vintage game, we suggest you purchase a vintage rug, that will not only serve the purpose of being a part