Top 5 New IKEA kitchens 2022

Very organized, practical and trendy, we love IKEA kitchens for their ingenious idea for making cooking easy and you time spent in this space way more functional! So lets see the new trends this brand features, check out Top 5 New IKEA kitchens of 2022. 1. Green and gold Green and gold is still the power combo when it comes

Small warm Scandinavian design apartment

Loving the warm styling of the fall Scandinavian design apartments popping here and there. This 53 sqm two bedroom apartment in Stockholm is cozy and inviting, perfect a small family. Loving the no fuss open space living room with the minimal gallery wall and natural light. The kitchen is social and airy, it features dark and moody cabinets and a

8 Easy fall home decor tips

It’s once again time for the coziest season of them all – Fall. Earthy shades, delicious scents and beautiful flowers, how can’t you simply love fall? Check out 8 Easy fall home decor tips for 2021: 1. Start with beautiful fall flowers Flowers can always change the whole mood of a home and even your mood! Choose your favorite fall

Dark green kitchen idea from deVOL

Well, it’s actually an emerald mixed with racing green kitchen, but we can call it dark green kitchen for the sake of simplicity. This beauty is a deVOL kitchen, The Peckam Rye kitchen, where luxe meets bohemian through many of elements. We have the beautiful rich green shades that look wonderful with the brass details, then there’s the marble countertop

The Best Applications for HDPE Pipes

High-density polyethylene pipes (HDPE) are revered for their durability and excellent temperature, chemical, and impact resistance, making them ideal for high-demand applications. For this reason, HDPE pipes are the chosen ones for water, gas, fire system supply lines, and electrical wiring and cabling. Additionally, HDPE drainage pipes are the most effective option on the market. There are several reasons why

Warm Brooklyn duplex apartment

A warm and cozy Brooklyn duplex apartment full of heavy textures and DIY projects. The space is a two-story duplex, loft-style apartment with three large rooms and a small kitchen + bathroom. It is a rental home completely revamped by designer Alyse Eisenberg where she lives with her partner and pup. I really love the exposed brick walls and the