Cooking bliss with KitchenAid

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I'm not the best cook out there, well, I don't even cook that much, but I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen, quite curious, no? Like most of you, I love gorgeous kitchens, especially the ones with a little retro vibe.  It's great when appliances look the part, like the ones from KitchenAid
There are a couple of cooking spots, to say so, featured on the blog that contain different KitchenAid products but I recently learned about the brand altogether. Let me tell you, that I'm smitten, besides the obvious good looks, *wink*, of course.
KitchenAid brings innovation, quality and convenience to every cook by bringing  techniques  from professional kitchens to appliances for domestic use. The Stand Mixer was created  more than 90 years ago to help bakers mix bread dough; it had such success that a smaller model was designed for use in the home. 
They stay true to their roots with the iconic design.
Though, the pastel and white ones look great, I have a little crush on the red line. 
Check it out.

All available at Harrods.
Aaand a fun infographic...
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Luxe bedroom with golden details

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Secluded sanctuary by Tompkins Lloyd Interiors... Actually a gorgeous and if I may add, very spacious, luxurious bedroom with amazing golden details. Yeah, I'm referring to the mirrors in particular.
Then there is the beautiful mix of textures and fabrics... 
Major love!

An interesting bed

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Ruggedly romantic with modern and minimal twist, this bed caught my attention the other day. Looks amazing, and kinda reminds me of the cube rings that were circulating on tumblr a while back. Still, love it. The Coba  is part of the Fab's Quitana collection, crafted by hand from sheesham wood—which is naturally gorgeous, with a unique character all its own.

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