Back from this dreamy place in Arnhem

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With sadness in my heart, I want to tell you that I'm back from the Netherlands. Why am I sad? Because it was the best vacation I had to date, fulled with amazing people and fab places. 
Strolled through Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zaandam, stayed in Arnhem and visited a fairy tale castle, Kastel de Haar. You can see more on instagram ( @denisaluntraru )

And speaking about Arnhem, Ama's place was mine and S's home for the last few days. Beautiful apartment with spectacular view of one of the main streets in Arnhem, "traditional" open space with tall windows which fills the home with light. Minimal design that reflected Ama's style along with personal details throughout the rooms, from the antique chest in the living room area, inherited from her grandfather, to the mix of organic cotton bulbs in the bedroom.  Plus an awesome wood ladder used as clothes hanger which I forgot to photograph!

I'm sorry for the pictures as they are all taken with my phone since I didn't take my camera with me... now I regret it...
Anyway, hope you like it, 'cause I've sure fallen in love with this dreamy place and Netherlands.

All about bamboo furniture

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There's a certain hot spot in my hometown with great food and fab decor that uses a lot of bamboo furniture. These venues have a certain colonial vibe and it looks great. It inspired me to put together a collage with some unique bamboo furnishing that caught my eye.

 via Tansu
Thinking of how to incorporate bamboo furniture seamlessly into the home, my first thought was to stay as far away from traditional as possible. No garden sets and tacky lobby furniture. Yuck. I also wanted to do something that's more than just an isolated chair. I'm talking about something that will really bring bamboo into the room with a pronounced presence. One way that I talked about before was using these reclaimed bamboo wood floors which I still really like. Using bamboo in a contemporary space can give the room an edgy look that is all too appealing.
via Inspiration Green
The one thing that you have to love about bamboo is the fact that it's a sustainable material. First, let me just clear up the misconception; bamboo is grass species and technically not a wood. Not only is it an eco-friendly material, it is 20% stronger than the strongest oaks. No shrinking or swelling means you can hold on to these furnishings for a lifetime. These bamboo stools at the Green Village in Indonesia would also work well in a Tiki tropical design.
via Touch of Modern
I for one love the Currant Table Set made by Greenington (pictured as first image).  It's made out of beautiful Moso Bamboo and it's extendable.  Speaking of adjustable furniture, Greenington also makes the Magnolia Nesting Table.  Nesting refers to the way that the tables all tuck away underneath each other.  It's the same idea behind those Russian Babushka Dolls that have a doll inside of a doll inside of a doll....  Nesting tables help save will help you save space inside your home and the grains on the Magnolia Set has rich light and dark tones.
via Tansu

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