Declutter session – 5 Things you have to toss in the New Year

Whenever I want to buy new things, a full closet or a shelf full of stuff just makes me sad and makes me think I don’t need any more items. But, I love shopping and new stuff and maybe the problem isn’t buying new stuff then is getting rid of the old ones, the ones that are just sitting there with no reason. So, because it’s time for a fresh start in the New Year, here are five things you have to toss at the beginning of 2019:

1. Give up the things you haven’t used in the past year and don’t enjoy any more

Take a good look at your closet, and after that look at every drawer or storage space you own and check out the things you have and haven’t used or worn in the last year. From clothes, to shoes, bags, umbrellas, plates, mugs, glasses, just look at everything and put yourself the question: ”Why didn’t I used this?” or ”Did I used this?”. If your answer is ”No” or ”I don’t know” and that item doesn’t bring you real joy, just toss it or donate it. It’s just mess you won’t use and it will just end up cluttering your home and taking the space of new items you can really enjoy.

2. Sort out paperwork and small items and keep the ones you really need in boxes

Sometimes because you are too busy you stash and stash paperwork and small items you bough, received or found. Well, if the pile look really big and your home looks messier, it’s time for some organizing and tossing. Just take a box and a big garbage bag and start out the sorting. Keep the important and practical items and toss the unnecessary ones.

3. Toss the damaged items

Do you still hang on damaged and broken items because you are just familiar to them or you’re too lazy or cheap to buy something new? Well not anymore! It’s a New Year and you want your home looking pretty modern and cool, not broken or damaged. So start making room for new items and toss everything that looks old or cheap.


4. Make sure the items fit the new style of your home or personality, if not get rid of them

I’m sure the style of your home changed a lot of times, but I’m also telling you, you won’t get back to the old one any soon and you won’t want back old items that don’t match your new home or personality. So, to make the home of your actual dreams, get rid of the deco items and furniture that doesn’t match the new look of your home.

5. Toss all the gifts and memories you don’t appreciate

You sometimes receive gifts from your friends, family or loved ones that don’t fit your personality or don’t capture your taste. That’s why you have to stop acting so sentimental and toss them, sell or give them away to people who like them or to charity. If they don’t do you any good, maybe they’re worth something to someone else.

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