Dreamy and serene Australian home

And rustic too! I’m still in Brussels but it’s pouring cats and dogs outside so why not share this dreamy and serene Australian home? This rustic home in Northcode belongs to interior designer, stylist and retailer Amanda Henderson-Marks and her family. Photography by Eve Wilson. Styling assistant Nat Turnbull. Production Lucy Feagins / The Design Files via Gravity Home Blog

Why rustic kitchens are all the rage

With their clean lines, monochrome colour schemes and polished plastics, contemporary kitchens have certainly made a splash on the interior design scene. Not everyone is convinced by these sleek, shiny cooking spaces though. In fact, many people are turning back to more traditional looks in this part of their properties, meaning rustic kitchens are once again all the rage. Here

rustic oriental decor

Let me tell you a little secret… I didn’t know what exactly is a kilim until a couple of days ago when I came across this beautiful spread featuring kilims. And you know what the fun part is, I’m pretty sure that there’s a kilim rug in one of my grandma’s guest rooms in the countryside. So much to learn, so little