Gold & Amethyst

This is the kind of jewelry that makes my heart sing… Cheesy, I know, but how gorgeous is this Stephen Russell Gold & Amethyst necklace from around 1850. I think it’s perfect and even though I don’t want to think how much it costs, it worths every penny. slimpaley via hearbeatoz & bijouandboheme

Happy Friday

I know it comes a little late but the royal wedding and a visit to the doctor, kept me from posting these lovely pics earlier. Have you seen the royal wedding? I bet you did, everybody saw it, am I right? Catherine’s Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton was utterly amazing, and she looked gorgeous. Ok, all the event

light decor

I’m battling an awful headache and utter laziness, because I’d do anything else rather than my financial analysis project for college… At least this two pretty images make my day better… ps: I started to add inspirational interior design albums on DailyDreamDecor’s facebook page, started with bedroom photos, and soon I’m gonna edit the about me section too… *via unknown*

Blueberries & tomatoes

photos by Katie Quinn Davies Actually, Apple, Ginger & Blueberry Shortcrust Pie and Roasted Tomato & Capsicum, Smoked Paprika & Basil Soup, with Melted Goat’s Cheese Toasts by What Katie ate. Just discovered this wonderful blog and even though I don’t get around in the kitchen, ok, just on special occasions, her blogs makes me do a cooking marathon! Can’t