Top essentials for a dreamy bathroom

It could be that you’re in need of a calming living space because your home feels too chaotic, or perhaps your bedroom units need re-thinking – no matter which room you’re working on in your home, there are always a few key essentials you should consider. In today’s post, I’m focusing on the bathroom, and I hope these pointers give you the bathroom of your dreams.

What’s in your dream?

One person’s paradise is another person’s idea of hell, but this is your dream bathroom, your place of pampering after a hard day’s work, so what is it that makes it completely unique to you? Is it a basket by the tub permanently stocked with the best bath bombs, lotions and creams? Or is it a mirror surrounded by lightbulbs where you can do your make-up and feel like a star from the silver screen? If you’re going to create your dream bathroom, then make sure you write a list of all the little things that will make it yours.


The Suite

The actual suite you choose is hugely important, so you should look to pick this first as it can determine the whole atmosphere, as well as space left have elsewhere. Will you go for a traditional roll-top bath for that 5-star luxury feel, or a more modern sunken bath with a stylish walk-in shower? The good news is that if you choose the right company to buy with, you shouldn’t have a problem with choice; there is a huge variety of bathroom suites from for example, with money-back guarantee for the first two weeks, and a year-long exchange policy in case your dream turns into a nightmare.


Choose colour wisely

Once you have your stunning suite in place, you need to think about colour schemes. If you’re the kind of person that likes to regularly freshen things up, then you’ll love the big trend right now which is to have an all-white bathroom, but with bright accents. The clean, crisp white makes the room feel much bigger and brighter no matter what the size, while the colourful highlights are where you can add the personality. Go for blues and sea greens with some nautical artwork during the summer, but when it comes to Christmas, you can change it all and add a tinsel-wrapped poinsettia plant with festive crimson accessories.


Don’t forget practicality

Of course, while style is important, substance in critical, so you can’t neglect the practical side of your bathroom. For most people, it’s storage that’s a constant issue, so try to come up with some original ways that you can maximise on space whilst keeping everything neat and tidy. For example, if you have children, it’s a fair bet that they usually leave your current bathroom in a terrible state after use, so try to think of solutions for the re-design. One idea is to build in their own colour-coordinated storage spaces that they can take care of, but for more thoughts, go here.


What room are you re-designing right now?

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