6 Dreamy Resorts in Romania

  From dreamy spas, to outdoor activities, the resorts are the best accommodations when you are looking for a relaxing and quiet vacation. We picked six amazing resorts from Romania that will allow you to enjoy a great view, a relaxing getaway and fun activities.  1. Atra Doftana, Doftana Valley Located in a peaceful and beautiful part of Romania, Valea

10 Amazing bookstores around the world

Imagine your next journey to an amazing bookstore where you will find great stories to read. To inspire you, I gathered 10 dreamy bookstores around the world that have a very creative design but also a great book selection. 1. The Carousel ‘’Carturesti Carusel’’ is an amazing library located in the old center of Bucharest, Romania, in a monumental building

9 Amazing street facades

We are talking about the architecture wonders, the small cute street, the colorful facades and all the dreamy details we see when walking around a city. So, I gathered nine beautiful streets from around the world that I want to share with you: 1. The colors of the rainbow Located in Marabella, Spain, the restaurant ‘’El Pozo Viejo’’ captures your

Postcards from Evteks Istanbul

After four dreamy and absolutely fun days in Istanbul, I’m back with full of stories, discoveries and lots of photos. As you may or may not know, Istanbul was on my travel list for a couple while and as I’m continuing to learn that things do happen, one way or another, the Evteks Home Textiles Exhibition not only gave me the

10 dreamy hotels in Romania

We, at DailyDreamDecor, think you should visit Romania very soon. Besides being a beautiful country with lots of gorgeous landscapes and with a lot of history there are a lot of dreamy places you can stay at To help you out, we selected the prettiest hotels and apartments from the major cities of Romania that will make you dream about travelling