10 Amazing bookstores around the world

Imagine your next journey to an amazing bookstore where you will find great stories to read. To inspire you, I gathered 10 dreamy bookstores around the world that have a very creative design but also a great book selection.

1. The Carousel
‘’Carturesti Carusel’’ is an amazing library located in the old center of Bucharest, Romania, in a monumental building from the XIX century. With a dreamy white design and also looking like a carousel, this amazing bookstore has 6 floors filled with books, games, music and a coffee shop. Simply Beautiful!

carturesti carusel amazing bookstore
2. Goth touch
Built in an old Dominican church and located in Maastricht, Holland, ‘’Selexyz bookstore’’ is a must-see! Here you will the city’s largest selection of books in English and also quiet reading areas and a beautiful coffee shop.

Selexyz Bookstore in Maastricht, Holland

3. The theater
This amazing bookstore located in Buenos Aires was once a theater opened in 1919. ‘’El Ateneo’’ is a beautiful place with an incredible ceiling and lots of wonderful book waited to be discovered.

el ateneo buenos aires bookstore
4. Harry Potter resemblance
‘’Lello’’ is a brilliant bookstore located in Porto, Portugal. Built in 1906 with art deco and neo gothic elements, this bookstore look like ‘’Hogwarts’’ school from Harry Potter. And the explanation is simple: J.K Rowling lived in Porto for a short amount of time. Incredible!

livrario lello porto bookstore

5. Food and books
This Brussels bookstore, named ‘’Cook&Books’’ has the size of a supermarket and it’s divided in 8 spaces dedicated to books and a music section. Also, each space has its own matching lunch and dinner space. Ingenious, right?
cook and book brussels belgium

6. Old books
Facing Seine in Paris, the ‘’Shakespeare and Company’’ bookstore was made in a building from the 17 century where famous writers used to hang out. Filled with antique books, this bookstores is the perfect place for big literature fans.

Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France 2

7. Yellow details
‘’Livraria da Vila’’ from Sao Paulo Brazil is a truly amazing bookstore! Every bit of space in this place is filled with books and the yellow stairs that connect different floors are very creative.

Livraria da Vila in São Paulo, Brazil

8. Go green!
This is the perfect place for the people who love green spaces, but also readings in an environment that look alike like nature. So, ‘’Cafebreria El Pendulo’’, located in Mexico City, is the perfect blend between local delicious food, a great selection of books and a dreamy design.

Cafebreria El Pendulo, Mexico City, Mexico amazing bookstore

9. Roman columns
‘’The Last Bookstore’’ from Los Angeles has a dreamy architecture, focusing on roman columns and pretty lights. Here you will find a wide selection of old a new books and every space is decorated in a different way. Also, at the second floor you can find shops and art studios.

the last bookstore lost angeles

10. Books by the sea
This is the perfect bookstore for your holyday! Located in Santorini, Greece, along the pretty white streets, ‘’Atlantis Book is the place’’ is like an amazing cave with books. The walls and filled with notes and messages and also, here they host film or food festivals and book signings.

atlantis book santorini greece, amazing bookstore

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