5 coastal living room ideas

When you think about the living room, most of the times comes in mind the room where you relax or enjoy your time with your loved ones. Even if we are talking about a lovely evening with friends over or just a relaxing evening by yourself watching a movie, you have to create a cozy feeling. Moreover, if your home is big enough and you luckily have a lot of space to be used as living room.

Decor trends come and go, but mostly, you need to create a home where you will enjoy every room. For example, if you’re a person who loves to be organized and have everything in place, minimal style is most likely the one you would enjoy in your home. On the other hand, if you’re a person who loves bold colors, maybe you will love maximalism. If you’re a person who enjoys the calm and serene atmosphere by the beach, you will totally love the coastal style.

For instance, let’s understand what coastal home style really means. For example, a coastal decor style is what you usually see in a beach house. Soft colors, different textures, light materials, mostly inspired by sand and sea. If you love your summer vacations by the sea, you will totally enjoy this kind of decor style. Most importantly, it combines a lot of natural elements like wood and rattan with a specific color palette. Find below 5 coastal living room ideas for inspiration.

1. Coastal Farmhouse home decor style

A bright and airy combination of a farmhouse and coastal style that balance together. You can play with white color on the walls and adapt the accessories in neutral colors. In addition, the pale-sand rug will fit perfectly to offer the freshness feeling of the beach.

Farmhouse Living

2. Coastal Pale Blue home decor style

If your house is not situated on the beach but you also love the coastal style, you can definitely choose a pale blue. Additionally,  if you use the couch as a central piece and add colorful pillows to it. Also, with some specific themed art on the walls to balance everything together.

Studio McGee

3. Coastal Chic home decor style

If you really love the coastal decor style and you want to embrace it to your living room, just go all the way. For example, play with different shades of blue and summer accessories. In addition, combine different textures and patterns to balance the vibe.


4. Modern Coastal decor style

If you love trends and you need to upgrade your home every 2 or 3 years, you can definitely adapt the coastal style to your living room. For instance, choose some neutral colors for the entire color palette and play with some specific coastal touches. For example, go for lighter materials and some graphic touches.

Pure Salt Interiors

5. Bold blue coastal living decor

Rattan and wood materials will combine perfectly with a bold blue. For example, combine the sand beige color palette with a bold blue piece of furniture and you will have that typical coastal vibe. In addition, just keep some clean lines, grey walls and some wood accents that will combine everything together.


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