Things to know before moving to a new Home

You need to consider and think a lot before you are moving into a new house. People usually consider only packing and unpacking as the major duties while settling in a new house, but this is just the beginning. While you are moving in, you need to firstly get associated with your house, you must know how the house functions, and what projects you must be taking up. It is always better to plan and execute these in the right way and not to absurdly figure it out later. Here, we are putting up a list of the major things you should be knowing before you move to your new house.

Do a walkthrough

If the house is available to you, take a walk through it while it is empty. See it as a blank canvas and you will get the opportunity to plan and arrange things inside it. You can even carry a tape to measure everything accurately. This will save you from all the troubles while you are unloading your van. Also, by having a walk inside it, you will be reminded of all the sales terms needed to be fulfilled. You can check if any areas need prior repair or attention.

Take safety precautions

You need to ensure extra safety if you are moving in with your pets or children. They need to adjust best to the new environment. Keep an eye on temporary safety hazards like outlets, sharp edges, and open doors or windows. Scissors and box cutters must be kept as far as possible from them. Keep dangerous or sharp items in a separate area and label them so the kids do not confuse them with their playthings.

Make the unpacking plan

Diving into the boxes can be extremely tempting initially but that is going to create the ultimate chaos for you. You cannot randomly target the boxes and think about getting done with unpacking. It will be tough to manage the mess that gets created. Label the boxes to efficiently pack and unpack them. You need to plan out the unpacking move and you might need the kitchen items more than you need the living room ones. Plan the things that you need to have ready with you and then unpack them based on the priority.

Locate the necessary functions

You must always be hoping for the best but stay prepared for the worst. You need to know the aspects that would come in handy to you when you move into the house. You cannot look out for the circuit box in the dark after you have a power outage. The circuit breaker, water valve, and fuse box are certain necessary things that you need to locate and work upon right away. You need to also detect the locations of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test them for their efficiency. Know the emergency fire exit and a plan of escape.

Set up the security system

You must feel safe in your new house. You will be meeting a lot of people in your initial shifting days and you need to ensure your safety during the process. You need to take steps to install the locks which the previous residents cannot access, install cameras and motion detectors, have smart doorbells or set up a thorough home security system. You can use the specialised tools to gauge the safety around you and devise plans of action to secure your new space.

Change the address

This is one of the initial things that need to be done while you are moving to your house. If you haven’t done this already, make sure that you are doing this now to ensure smooth communication. You just need to forward the email to get your credit card billing address updated. Update the same with all other retailers or services you are associated with and where your address information is saved. Communicate the same with the stakeholders like banks and insurance providers.

Deep clean

It is always recommended to deep clean your house when nobody else is present in it or when it is empty. You will have access to every floorboard and window sill. If you still have some time left after you have got the house and before moving the boxes, do not miss out on deep cleaning the space.

Most importantly, before you move into your new property, make sure it is well-inspected by a professional inspector and everything is in place. Home inspection is a crucial aspect of your home buying journey. There will be no going back after you have already purchased the property and moved into it. You need to get the property inspected by professionals who hold necessary certificates and licences in the same field. 

When moving in, you don’t need to do everything all by yourself. All you need is the right planning. Simply have the right checklist to go about with your shifting process. Everything will feel like a breeze that way. If you do things on a priority basis, things will automatically fall into place without any hassles.

Photos by mk. s on Unsplash