7 Home Spring flowers and how to style them

Celebrate Spring with your favorite flowers and make your home looking fresh, stylish and full of color. Flowers are an easy and chic way to bring nature into your dreamy home so check out 7 home Spring flowers and discover how to style them :


1. Spring flowers – Tulips

Minimal and very versatile, tulips, but most especially white tulips, bring a calm and relaxing vibe in any home corner you add them in. They are great when mixed with minimal furniture and their look is super chic and they can instantly transform a home corner into a stylish one. They are great for styling a coffee table, a side table or a cabinet and they also look amazing when styled on a glam tray.

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2. Spring flowers – Roses

Spring roses can often be sophisticated looking flowers that look amazing in a Parisian chic, elegant or classy home decor. Roses are darling and romantic and they look amazing with retro inspired furniture, classy deco pieces and golden details. So, choose your favorite color of roses and decorate your Spring themed home with this chic flowers.


3. Spring flowers -Peonies

These dreamy flowers are super versatile. They can look romantic and glam when mixed with elegant and stylish furniture and deco items and they can also look amazing in a farmhouse inspired decor where they are mixed in a vase with greenery and leaves and paired with woven and wooden deco elements.


4. Spring flowers – Field flowers

Since the farmhouse and the cottage home trend are so popular right now, the small country side way of life is brought more and more in our modern homes, so the fresh field flowers will blend in great with these styles. They look amazing alongside antiques, paintings, candles, statues and a retro home decor approach and they really last a long time.


5. Spring flowers  -Poppies

Poppies are a more unusual, yet sophisticated home decor choice. They will look just dreamy in a creative vase collection, making each vase looking more artsy. Pair them with nature inspired or modern furniture and admire their unique beauty.


6. Spring flowers – Lilac

These spring flowers are ideal for a cottage inspired home. They look really good when matched with white and neutrals, bringing a pop of color in interiors you add them in. Match them also with nature inspired deco elements and furniture and with vintage themed items and enjoy their dreamy spring look and amazing scent.


7. Spring flowers – Cherry tree branches

The cherry tree branches really bring spring in any home and they also look like a statement deco item, especially when they are styled in a oversized vase. They can transform an empty corner of your home into a stylish one and they also look good on a festive dinner setup, added in small vases. These branches can also look good in your terrace or balcony space, looking like a small home garden.

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