5 Neutral Nursery decorating ideas

While there may seem dreamy and lovely designing a nursery, the practical part may be a bit overwhelming. Just the thaught of creating a complete, serene, safe and comfortable room for a little baby could be scary. Decorating a nursery is not an easy project. Moreover if you don’t have any experience in design and with little babies. Creating the perfect room for the little baby’s arrival could be stressful.

Wheather you live in a small house and may not have a lot of space or you’re not a big fan of pink and blue, choosing a neutral color scheme should simplify your work. Most importantly, neutral tones are easier to combine at create an airy and friendly vibe.

Modern and versatile, neutral nurseries are very chic. Wheather you’re going for sophistication or you’re just not a fan of bold colors, gender-neutral nursery is an excellent choice. Let’s put behind us the days when a baby boy’s room should be blue and a girl’s one is bright pink. For example, choosing a neutral paint for the walls is clean, bright and lovely, creating a combination of boho-chic with scandinavian practicality.

Are you dreaming of a simple but sophisticated nursery for your little baby that could fit for the toddler’s years? Even if you’re a minimalist or a fan of Scandinavian design, we’ve gathered for you below 5 neutral nursery decorating ideas that will boost your creativity. You will find some ideas to design the perfect nursery for your lifestyle.

1. Keep it simple

Minimalist nurseries are very popular nowadays. You will discover that a baby doesn’t need so many accesories. For example, you should choose a nice, qualitative bed and a helpful armchair, in terms of furniture. Simplicity is key. Bright and airy space which won’t feel the room cluttered, combined with simple patterns and textures.

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2. Add boho-chic touches

With its earty and fresh vibe, Boho-Chic is perfect for a neutral nursery. This style combines different textures and patterns but doesn’t go far of the neutral tones. For example, the combination of white furniture with yellow-ish accesories creates a clean and aestethic environment. Moreover, combine traditional pieces with contemporany ones for a cozy room.

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3. Choose a basic color scheme

In many ways, choosing black and white for the most of the stuff in the room sounds pretty simple. Moreover, is the perfect combination for a neutral nursery, providing contrast and emphasizing on the accesories. If you choose to paint the walls white, you can add pops of color with the accesories. For example, you can choose some colorful toys or blankets and add dimension with a nice patterned rug.

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4. Play with pattern

Pattern wallpaper is very underrated element in a neutral nursery. There are a lot of beautiful, sophisticated and yet neutral patterns that could be used. Even if we are talking about the wallpaper or not, choosing the right patterns help adding color and depth to a small nursery. In addition, it could add some drama to the room by not adding a bold color.

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5. Design a room that will grow with your baby

Think about it… if you don’t want to invest a fortune in remodeling every two years, think about the details of your nursery. It’s very important that you will choose to keep the design flexible. You will need to adapt it thourgh your baby’s childhood. For example, you can choose timeless draperies, rugs and covers which could easily adapt to any changes that will need to be made in the room.

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