How to make your home more comfortable for retirement

When you retire, suddenly your home will become all the more important to you. With you no longer having to commute into the office, your home will be where you spend most of your time and so you’ll need it to be comfortable enough for a happy retirement.

As you get further into your retirement, you may find that if you have not adapted your home, it will become harder to live in which is why it’s important to make the changes before it is too late.

Here are some of the top ways you can do this.

Make room for yourself

Having space is important for any house but when you have the time to do it in retirement it is a must. Often clearing space will simply take too long for people working full-time jobs but when you’re retired, you’ll have all the time in the world to organise your rooms.

This is a great idea for those who have picked up a new hobby in retirement and need the space to do it. For example, if you have just started to paint then you may want a creative studio to do it all in. This could mean clearing space for it by converting an unused room into your ideal set-up for your artwork.

Remodel your reception rooms

Now that you’re retired, you can have friends and family over whenever you want but with that, you’ll want to ensure you are wowing guests with your reception room every time so if it’s looking slightly dated then maybe now is the time to remodel it.

When taking on significant renovations, it can come at a high cost to make the changes. Fortunately, with finance options like equity release mortgages, you can take the funds that you have invested into your home out for your own personal use.


Around half of the British population has said that clutter is one of the main reasons for not inviting guests over. This is extremely unfortunate, especially in your retirement as you should be able to see your friends and family freely now you have the time to do so.

Take some time aside from your schedule and declutter your home to have it look more spacious and more inviting for guests when they come over. You’ll soon be house proud again which is vital to a comfortable retirement.

Get your garden ready for summer

Following a long and cold winter, your garden may be looking slightly worse for wear and in need of some love so it is ready for you to enjoy in summer. Complete some basic maintenance including cutting the grass, trimming the hedges as well as weeding so your garden is looking back to its best which means you can sit in it and enjoy the British summertime.

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