Top 7 Spring home decor ideas

When we think about spring, we can instantly imagine a fresh, airy vibe. Every season has its own ups and downs but there’s not a lot of people who can say they don’t love spring. It’s all about the “new fresh vibe” that this season brings along. After a grey environment during the winter, we are all super excited about the nice and sunny spring.

We can definitely change the mood in our homes as well. The easiest way to step up the game in our homes is to update the decor with florals, greenery and why not, some DYIs. We can bring inside the fresh sunny spring vibes just by playing with some ideas and creativity. Let’s discover together below some lovely spring home decor ideas.

1. Go for spring home decor pieces

Let’s be honest here. We’re having fun every season changing the decor pieces accordingly. For example, some of the most eye catching decor pieces in our living rooms are the pillows and blankets. We can easily play with colors and textures and get the fresh vibe for spring. Who doesn’t love a colorful pillow game?

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2. Spring home decor ideas: blossom branches

What says more spring home decor than blossoms? Why can’t we have it inside our homes as well? Even if you are using it on your kitchen island or in any other room, it creates a point of attention and it changes the vibe entirely. Moreover, it instantly bring a magical spring feeling into any place. This is an easy but very impactful home decor tip.

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3. Bright vases and plates

If you want to keep things extremely simple but very lovely, just go for white for vases, plates and other decor pieces. This will feel very inviting and clean but also organized. Likewise, will instantly brighten up your kitchen counter.

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4. Candles with fresh fragrances

Are you one of those people who loves the smell of the rain? Or you really enjoy floral scents? What about fresh cut grass? These are just some suggestions of fragrances that you can bring inside your home thanks to some lovely scented candles. Just imagine a nice sunny morning having your coffee and smelling a fresh vibe from a nice spring scented candle. What a great way to start the day!

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5. More glowers and greenery

You can never go wrong with flowers. Just use lots of them for every single vase you own. Pastels or bold colors, it will change the mood in your house entirely. Above all, if you love house plants and the softness they bring to our space, what better time to have them if not spring? There are never too many flowers in one house.

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6. Warm tones and textures for your spring home

Small changes can often make a big impact. After the Holidays, we all may need a bit of quiet and neutral tones. Moreover that they are very timeless and relaxing. Adding some pastel accesories is a great spring decor idea. For example, some wooden picture frames give a natural look and fresh. Also, brighter colors are always a must for spring and it can make your home feel fresh and airy.

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7. Fresh bright bedspreads

Another affordable spring decor tip is upgrading your bed sets with a bright, fresh one. Time to put away the bold, heavier textures and replace them with some lighter fabrics like linen or cotton for the bed sheets, for example. Likewise, it will help with the transition for summer and make the room feel bigger and brighter.

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