Studio apartment decor tips

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed trying to find the perfect solution for decorating your home? While trying to merge style, storage and functionality in a normal size home, it’s completely challenging doing it in a studio apartment. It may look like there’s just not enough space to fit everything into the same place.

Decorating your home can be challenging no matter the size of your house. But, it takes only a few tips and a bit of creativity to set you on the right path. Studio apartments are basically one bigger space which needs to be separated into areas with different purposes. You can have fun while trying to find a solution for keeping everything stylish yet functional. Let’s discover together below 6 studio apartment decor tips.

1. Maximize storage space in a studio apartment

When living in a studio apartment you have to make the most out of your storage space. It does not mean you have to go minimal, it means that you have to find out clever ideas to maximize your space.

For example, if you really want to have a big bed, you can choose to have extra depositing space under the bed thanks to a bed crate. Same goes with the couch, ideally would be if it pulls out as a daybed for guests.

studio apartment decor tips

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2. Use a glass room divider

There’s a lot of concerns when living in a studio apartment. Despite the lack of place for storage, for example, it can be a little bit of overwhelming when there space is not organized and it is not a enough light

One of the most important elements in a home is the amount of natural light that it gets. Moreover if you are working from home and you need to feel inspired. A big window will help you to get an airy and relaxing vibe.

If you want to separate different areas of the space, use a glass room divider. It will keep the space it light and airy and organized!

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3. Studio apartment decor colors? Go for pastels

Don’t be afraid of color, textures or patterns. Even if you live in a small space, you can play with pastel colors in order to give it a friendly vibe. Tiny apartments are such a fun way to play with colors. For such a small place, keeping it in a nice color pallette and design style could be too much. For example, you can use sublte pastels and cozy textures to keep it entertaining.



4. Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets

Many studio apartments don’t have space for fully equipped kitchen, we’re talking about dishwasher, microwave & co. However, most of them have basic kitchen appliances.

If you are passionate about cooking or you just love to eat at home, make the most of your kitchen with a couple of tips and tricks. Go for floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets for extra space. Hang cutting boards on the wall doubles and it will double as decor.

studio kitchen

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5. Use all the space available

Obviously, finding space in a studio apartment isn’t easy. The best way for not having a cluttered space is keeping just the things that make sense for you.

You can remove some unnecessary furniture and make the most of other. For example, you can use a table in multiple ways: a bedside table, a dinning table or a coffee table, all in one piece of furniture. This is just one example that you don’t need a lot of space to create a cozy home.

studio apartment decor tips

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6. Studio apartment decor tips: use lots of mirrors!

What easiest way of making the room look bigger and brighter if not adding a big mirror? It can be an affordable item of decor and it can help you a lot. Not only you will have a place to see yourself everyday with your outfits but it will also bring  the idea of bigger space. Moreover if you will find one with a nice, stylish frame that will fit your style.

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