Modern home in neutral shades in London

This modern home in neutral shades in London is actually called Herringbone House. It was built built in 2014 by esteemed architectural designers Chan + Eayrs and it is their first major residential project.

It is a three bedroom home on two storeys and even has two private gardens, so dreamy! The ground floor features an open plan with a generous living area, kitchen and dinning space. The whole space is full of light because of the two connecting gardens. The soft color palette palette of limed wood, matte white marble and pearl-coloured brick accentuate the light.

The kitchen features  full-height built-in cupboards line and storage cabinetry. One of the kitchen walls is finished in white tiles, complementing the neutral palette elsewhere. The worktops, cabinetry and appliances are a mixture of white Corian and stainless steel.

The cantilevered staircase connects to the first floor and the three bedrooms. There’s a skylight that brings a lot of natural light and brightens the whole house. All the bedrooms have a serene mood and are again, full of natural light.

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