3 Ways to Improve Home Security While Remodeling

One of the critic questions you should ask yourself after home remodeling is how safe is your home? Always think of various measures you can use to improve your home security.

Make sure your home looks occupied all the times, avoid obvious traveling during holiday without leaving someone behind, work on all the black spots to avoid burglar hiding to access your home, avoid exposing your location to social media you don’t know who is reading them.

If no one to be left, ask some of your trusted Neighbour’s to keep checking your house, light your security lights at night once in a while if you are travelling.

Burglar will check for any weakness that may give them access to your home. They will check on the keys left within the house, maybe at the back of your door or window. They will look for a ladder to help them intrude on your home and weak padlocks. If you are not aware of this, you can engage an expert to advise you accordingly.

A burglar will not come ones and break into your home. They must have taken some days to look around and get familiar with the condition of your house. And on the target day, they may come in and knock to check if there is someone and if they meet with anyone, they will look for a fake reason and disappear.

Below are the ways you can implement and keep burglars away from your home.

Door and Window Security

If you are fitting in your door screws, ensure they are from approved companies. Avoid using over-the-counter screw. Ensure both your wooden door and frames have the correct thickness. Avoid using glass doors because they are less secure, but if it’s a must use, make sure you have a grilled door, and have tinted your glass in a way that you cannot see your apartment from outside. Before leaving your home, ensure that all your windows are locked and the frames are intact to avoid risks.

Outdoor Lights

You can have security lights in every area you feel it’s not secure. This will keep the burglar away. There are several types of security light e.g., solar, electricity or even sensor lights that sense movement. While installing the lights from home, ensure you take good care of the neighborhood and avoid directly shining on the people driving on the roads to avoid annoyance. Inside your house you can install timers that will light your bulbs and appliances in your house. This will help you because everyone will think you are inside your house.

Wireless and CCTV Cameras

Technology has improved the CCTV cameras in a wide range, some bulbs have camera. You will install them inside and outside your premises. If you are not familiar with this, you can invite an expert while remodeling your home and they will advise you accordingly. You will connect your cameras with your tablet or phone and they can inform you what is happening in your home every second. Smart doors also work well in alerting the person inside your house.

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