Best colors for small spaces

When it comes to decorating a small place, there are a couple of rules. It can be hard to use the entire space without feeling cramped and cluttered. Moreover, in a small room it does not mean that you have to cut off on the style or functionality. It’s a popular design tip to use brighter colors to make a room look bigger. But you probably have more options than you realize.

For example, the best colors for a small space don’t always have to be light or neutral. How you decorate can be more important than the color itself. You can have a fair amount of color in your small room as long as you have the right lightning. You don’t have to settle with a boring white. On the other hand, if a bold color is too much for you or it’s overwhelming, you can simply use it on an accent wall or furniture.

Here are some of the best choices in terms of colors along with a couple of tips to inspire you to choose the right shade.

Dark shades look great in small spaces

Darker colors aren’t necessarily off limits when painting a small space. But, you have to pay attention a bit on the entire lightning of the room. It can be feel a bit gloomy and cluttered. Plus, there must be a balance with plenty of bright accessories. On the other hand, “less is more” works better in a small room.

For example, if you love dark colors but you don’t have enough space or light to paint all the walls, you can definitely have an accent wall that will change the entire room vibe. Don’t hesitate to get creative when painting an accent wall. You can for a panel accent wall or you can even paint your ceiling in a bold color.

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Light grey tones for small spaces

There are easy tricks in using color in small spaces that anyone can use, regardless of the preferences. For example, light grey it’s a very light and neutral tone and it looks very nice whether the space gets a lot of natural light or not. It has just enough touch of color to compliment a nice, white furniture, for example, or it is a perfect background for displaying artwork.

Also, grey is becoming the new beige. It’s very versatile and neutral color and it can be used for walls, furniture, fireplace or accessories. It’s got a classic appeal and it comes in a lot of shades.

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Fun light colors in warm tones

It’s a known fact that using light paint color can help a room feel bigger and spacious. Light colors in warm tones can open up the space and add an airy vibe. Most importantly, they help the light to reflect creating the illusion of a bigger space. Likewise, it pairs well with light neutral furniture and it offers a more inviting and cheerful mood.

If you are thinking on using the same color that you used for the walls on the ceiling, it’s going to eliminate the visual cutoff between the two surfaces and it will trick the eye into thinking the space is larger.

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Bold colors just pop with vibrant energy. Even if you have a small space, it can be very interesting to play with bold colors for the walls. You can definitely balance it with some white or neutral furniture and accessories.

Don’t be afraid of colors because it can create a lot of depth in a small room. For example, when complemented with white beddings and neutral curtains, it refreshes the vibe.