7 chaise lounge chair styling ideas

Maybe you’ve seen in on Pinterest  or maybe you’ve heard of it, but the certain thing is that everybody is now talking about the chaise lounge chair!

What is a chaise longe?

Well, nothing easier, a chaise lounge chair is a daybed, a sophisticated sofa that’s defined by a chair which is long enough to hold your feet. This type of furniture started being popular in the 16th century and it was initially used in France.

The chaise lounge chair began as a symbol of the social statue of the rich people and it’s now affordable for anyone and a great and comfortable addition for your master bedroom or living room space. Especially, when you want to relax or enjoy a lazy day in front of the TV.

So, check out 7 chaise lounge chair styling ideas :

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1. Relaxing corner with a chaise lounge chair

A reading corner, a nook or relaxing space can be created also with an elegant chaise lounge. This chair will add a glam and sophisticated touch to this corner and it will be irresistible when seen. Perfect for enjoying your lounge book or simply take a break for a few minutes.

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2. Make it a key focal point

A chaise lounge is a great idea for a key focal point in a room. That’s the corner you are the most proud of and where everybody looks while entering the room. Because of its sophisticated look a chaise lounge is just great and you can style it with works of art and great designer pieces to really make this corner stand out.

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3. Chaise lounge chair for tiny spaces 

If you have a tiny space which you want to add a touch of elegance to it, then a chaise lounge chair is ideal for you. Choose it instead of a sofa and make it the main star of the room. Add a gorgeous coffee table next to it or pick multi-functional stools as tables which can be also used for extra sitting.

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4. Make a lounge area

The ultimate lounge area for a home can be with your favorite chaise lounge and a cool and sophisticated floor lamp. This corner will bring elegance to any space and will represent the perfect area to relax after a day of working at home.

chaise lounge chair ideas

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5. Make a dramatic home statement

In 2022 Maximalism is the new Minimalism so get inspired by the first use of the chaise lounge and use it in an aristocratic way. Mix it with wallpaper, lots of colors, prints and statement deco pieces.

chaise lounge chair styling

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6. Have a Boho approach

A chaise lounge area can mean having a vacation area and also bringing the outdoors indoors. So, choose a bohemian style for a comfortable chaise lounge and mix it with oversized plants, nature inspired deco elements and relaxing looking items.

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7. Modern chaise lounge chair

In an eclectic apartment, a cool design mix is more than welcomed. Choose a chaise lounge with a more modern style and shape  let it be the main star or your living room or studio.

chaise lounge chair ideas

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