Top 10 master bedroom decor ideas for 2022

Your bedroom should be one of the most important rooms of your home so make your master bedroom the star of 2022 with the help of the new trends. Your bedroom should be one of the most important rooms of your home so make your master bedroom the star of 2022 with the help of the new trends, and real estate photo editing. Check out 10 master bedroom decor ideas for 2022:

1. Create a bedroom feature wall

Feature walls are the new painted walls, so create a cool one using frames and paint or by adding a cool wallpaper. The statement wall with painted frames is the most modern option you can choose right now, creating a cool illusion for the space and making everything looking futuristic.

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2. Pick a statement bed frame

Bed frames are playing a huge role in the design of the bedroom space. You can even choose just a mattress and a bed frame and have a creative bed. That’s why you should pick one that looks super dreamy like one made from nature inspired materials like rattan or a velvet bedframe, these are the trendiest ones you can choose right now.

 top Master bedroom decor ideas 2022

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3. Make your bedroom space super cozy

A cozy bedroom creates the need to rest and to get comfortable in this space, that’s why is super important for this interior. A cozy bedroom is always trendy, so choose blankets and lots of pillows and create contrast using colors and neutrals while making a cozy bedroom space.

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4. Bedroom layering

Layering creates structures and contrast in a room and also gives a cozy vibe to the bedroom space. Play with colors and prints while choosing your bedroom rug, blankets, covers, sheets, pillows and curtains and create the perfect space full of layers and personality, a space that will stand out in 2022. Also consider incorporating a Persian rug to add an element of timeless elegance and rich patterns to your bedroom’s layered look

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5. Pick a muted blue bedroom

Blue is know for its calm effect and this year blue and green are the colors that are trending the most. So, choose blue in any shade for your bedroom space, especially in a light one and feel the relaxing and calm vibe it can give to a space.

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6. Use wallpaper in your bedroom

Wallpaper made a huge comeback in 2021 and is still rocking 2022. Wallpaper is ideal for a retro and romantic bedroom, but can also make a master bedroom looking more sophisticated and elegant. Check out some ideas on how to pick bedroom wallpaper.

Master bedroom decor ideas


7. Choose a dark bedroom

If you are looking for a touch of elegance, mystery and luxury for your master bedroom, then in 2022 pick a dark bedroom. This space will be the perfect escape spot and it will reflect the intimate feeling this private room should have.

Master bedroom decor ideas


8. Bring the outdoors indoors

In 2022 we should bring more and more the outdoors indoors, so think of nature while decorating your bedroom space and choose calm colors, shades inspired by earth or the dreamy forest, big windows, transparent curtains, nature inspired materials and lots of green plants, especially oversized ones.


9. Pick different storage solutions

Its important to have as many storage solution as you can in your bedroom space. Having a crowded bedroom or one full of clutter won’t leave you rest well. So, in 2022 think of creative storage solutions like the ones on top of your bed you can see while going to sleep or the ones under the bed.

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10. Embrace art in your bedroom

Art is super important in 2022 and should also pay a huge role in your master bedroom. Add art on top of your bed or bedroom cabinet and everywhere you can showing your personality in this dreamy room.

Master bedroom decor ideas

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