6 Dark kitchen spaces you will love in 2022

It’s time for 2022 and every new year we love to talk about the home decor new trends. In terms of kitchen spaces, dark kitchens rule 2022 bringing a modern and luxurious twist to this practical space. There are many types of dark kitchens that are trending right now, so check out 6 Dark kitchen spaces you will love in 2022:

1. Matte Black Kitchen cabinets

Among new kitchen cabinets of 2022 you can find the matte black ones. They look minimal and elegant and they are super versatile making their way in a colorful, neutral or dark kitchen space. Matte black kitchen cabinets look great in modern homes.


2. Dark wood kitchens

Wooden kitchens are back and the dark wood is trending also in 2022 making a kitchen space looking super retro and elegant. Inspired by the mid-century design, these kitchen have a timeless twist vibe and they also look super classy, especially when paired with golden details, like handles.


3. Dark painted kitchen

If you think a dark paint is too much, don’t! This idea is trending in 2022 giving a space a cohesive vibe if you match the color of the wall with the cabinets. This idea is super cool for any kitchen space and you can even use a paint that acts like a chalkboard and write on it recipes and ingredients. Painting your kitchen wall black is also a simple way to revamp the look of the space.

Not Glitter, No Glory

4. The dark green kitchen spaces

Dark green, forest green and emerald green are shades that will be trending also in 2022 and that are absolutely great for a kitchen space, especially an artsy, glam or elegant one. Pair dark green with copper and golden details to make it look more sophisticated and luxurious.

Sandra Baker

5. The perfect dark and bright contrast

The dark an bright contrast is fantastic, especially for a kitchen space. This kind of contrast will create shape and structure in a room making it look super cool and modern. So, for your cabinets choose one bright side – could be made of light colored wood – and one in dark shades. You will adore the trendy result!

6. All dark and artsy kitchen spaces

Art plays a huge role in the 2022 trends, showing the personality of the owner in a space. The last few years taught us that art belongs also in the kitchen space so mix art with a dark kitchen and you will have a trendy and dramatic looking room that will stand out in your home. It will also be sophisticated, elegant, yet also quite mysterious.

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