6 Best Practices To Keep Your Commercial Space Clean

As a business owner, it’s important to keep your commercial space clean. A neat commercial space will make customers and clients feel comfortable. It is also no secret that the cleaner your commercial space is, the more productive you and your employees are.

Here are six best practices to clean your commercial space and make sure things stay fresh for longer periods.

  1. Keep All Surfaces Clean And Free Of Dirt

A commercial space is typically a large place, and it is important to clean the whole area. This includes the countertops, floors, and even equipment. Make sure to keep these surfaces and other things spotless from time to time, so you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time doing it just before closing hours.

Some companies use professional commercial cleaning services to ensure they always have a spotless commercial space with no distractions along the way. For example, a messy floor or desk can prevent you from focusing on your work. So keeping your commercial space clean is not only about keeping things tidy but also being more productive at work.

  1. Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner on the floor is essential, but you should also ensure that it reaches underneath objects. This will keep your commercial space free of dirt and other unwanted particles. Even if you do not see them with the naked eye, they sit there, waiting for someone to step on them. Once someone steps on them, they end up being carried out throughout your business place.

The best way to make sure this does not happen is by using a good-quality commercial vacuum cleaner. Not only will having this kind of equipment help speed up cleaning time, but it will also help you save money. Furthermore, you won’t have to replace filters every week since vacuuming is effective in getting rid of dust before it gets into ventilation systems or air-conditioning units.

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  1. Clean The Blinds Regularly

Blinds are generally made out of wood or metal. It’s best to clean them every now and then to make sure they look presentable for customers visiting your space. Furthermore, dust can accumulate on them, which will negatively impact the air quality in your commercial building.

If you don’t trust yourself with this task, hire professional cleaners who know how to clean blinds properly. They will be able to remove all dirt without leaving any marks behind. This means no more dusty windows!

  1. Empty Trash Cans Often

Empty trash cans regularly. If you keep them full, then all that garbage will start to smell and attract pests. A work environment with an unpleasant smell is another form of distraction that will definitely lower productivity. 

Moreover, pests are never good for business, as they carry diseases passed on through their waste or saliva. They love places where there is food, so you don’t want your commercial space smelling like a dumpster—which could ruin future sales opportunities.

Aside from emptying trash cans, make sure to check inside containers before throwing out any additional garbage and pick up wrappers or papers strewn on the floor, so you can see to it that everything has been disposed of to its designated places. In short, all areas at the establishment should always stay clean, especially in spaces where customers and clients are.

  1. Wash Windows Inside And Out

Washing windows inside and out is another way to ensure that your commercial space looks spotless. If you have a glass window, the cleaning process for it should not be any different from the one for regular windows. The only difference will be determining whether there’s dirt on the exterior part of windows. 

The cleaning process also involves checking for cracks and chips. If you do notice some cracks or chips, repair them as soon as possible so that you won’t face a bigger problem, such as water leakage.

  1. Change Air Filters Monthly

It is important to change air filters every month, as it regulates indoor air quality and ensures that your commercial space has a healthy, clean environment for both employees and customers. With new air filters, the air won’t be as dry and dusty, which will make it safe for everyone to breathe.

If a particular filter is damaged or destroyed for some reason, then make sure to get a new one immediately rather than waiting until it’s necessary. Failure to change air filters on time can reduce productivity too. 


Applying these tips will ensure that your commercial space stays clean for an extended period. A well-organized and well-maintained establishment will not only leave a lasting impression on customers but will also improve employee efficiency.  

Cover photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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