Fantastic Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

Swimming pools add a lot of joy and wonder to your life. The pool is one of the most fun things that you can add to your backyard. With it, you can make timeless fond memories of the time spent with your family and friends. But before you get a pool installed you would be having a gazillion questions about it.

What pools should I get? Which material is the best? What are some good designs? These all questions must be racing through your mind. But asking all these questions is a good thing. When you ask yourself these seemingly mundane you are planning well for the pool. Here are a few ideas on which are light on the pocket but high on aesthetics and functionality.

Planning Is Of Utmost Importance

There are many things to consider even before you start. Like if the ground in your backyard is at a certain level then you are golden. If not then you will have to get it leveled first. If the property is sloping or on a hillside then your work has increased exponentially. Most of these surfaces have to be dug and remove the rocks and then leveled. Above-ground pools are a great option for rough sites like these. They are both cost-effective and do not need a lot of time for installation. There are various technologies that provide a very strong yet durable structure that is catered specifically to such situations.

Pool Position

Where the pool is placed will play a significant role in how the pool company will go about it. A pool in the middle of the plot will make it the center of attention and will not leave much space for other things. If you place it near your house then it will create a seamless experience of going from your house to the pool. It will also give you quick and easy access to the water-filled pool just in case you are feeling lazy on some days. You will also need to think as to how all the workers and machines will access your pool site. It is advisable you choose a position while talking to the installation team. They will tell you about their machinery and whether you have enough space to accommodate them.


How you intend to use the pool is also important. Do you want to just soak your feet or get a few laps in your exercise routine? Would you want to use it at night or is it just usable during the day? Do you have pets or children at home? Will a lot of people be visiting your pool or the number limited?

These things influence a host of decisions while you are deciding on a pool. A lap pool is great for fitness-savvy people but a plunge pool is great for people looking for space optimization. Versatility also comes into play. A lap pool will be much more diverse in its functions than a plunge pool. The above ground pool will be smaller in size and have limited options in designs. Take into account the aesthetics and vibe of the place. Medium size pools are suited for almost every application and have varied designs too.

Gone are the days when you were stuck with square, circle, or rectangular pools. With fiberglass technology growing one can get a custom-molded pool for their backyard at a great price. They tend to last longer and match the surrounding vibe of your backyard too. Small Fibreglass Pools and deep pools like a plunge pool can also double up as a jacuzzi or a spa with the right heating system installed.

Final Preparation Notes

This the stage where you finalize everything and give the contractors a go for the pool. Ask the contractor whether you need a special permit in your area or ask the council near you. In most cases, a permit for construction is required and if you live in a gated colony then you’ll need additional permits for the workers.

You will also have to look into the safety regulations and protocols and after their approval, you will be able to start construction of your pool.


This is the easiest part or the hardest part depending on how sure you are of the pool and its design. If you have finalized the design and palace of installation then this would be a breeze. If you are stuck at choosing the design stage we are there to help you.

A good backyard design will take into account how close the neighboring house is. You would want to have a sense of privacy and a raised deck can certainly draw attention away from the pool. This will also make the pool and its surrounding area look more spacious.

If your backyard is more petite or compact in size then we recommend getting a plunge pool. As the name suggests this is a great pool if you want to just have a dive when it gets unbearably hot. Functional and space-saving the plunge pool is a chic and nifty little pool that blends well with all kinds of surroundings.

Plunge pools mostly are luxurious and you can get a system fitted in them to make them more like a spa. Paired with neutral tiling the plunge pool will become a great way to relax. Get the spa experience at your own home.

If your home is contemporary or modern in design then a straight rectangular or square pool will look good. They will add a retro-ish vibe to the whole aesthetic but the solid straight lines will blend well with the modern design. A striking pool would also fit in nicely. Palms and other green plants look really well in the surrounding area of the pool and offer a great way to make it luxurious.

Contemporary designs are also a rage these days. You can get a design custom molded from the factory and drop it straight into the hole. Pools with straight lines look great in modern homes but if you want functionality too then a ‘Lap Pool’ is the way to go.

Lap Pools are usually long rectangular pools mostly focused on swimming exercises. Meant mainly for people who are actively into fitness this is a great way to add swimming to your exercise routine. Lap pools are best suited for spaces that have long areas but maybe not as wide. This will make it multifunctional and a great way to add a pool to your backyard.

Whatever pool you may decide it is best that you prepare well. Additional costs like that of cleaning and filtration system must also be considered while getting a pool. Another overlooked aspect is the pool covers and chemicals that might be used to clean the pool.

A pool needs regular maintenance and can take hours to clean at times. Depending on the size and position of your pool this time can be drastically cut and make your pool owning experience a breeze. Choose a design that sits well with your backyard aesthetics and blends well with the theme too. Make sure the design is such that the pool can be cleaned easily and you will have a wonderful time there.


Cover photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

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