4 Common Furnace Problems and Their Solutions

If you rely on a furnace to keep your home warm during the cold months, then you need to ensure it’s working efficiently and don’t have furnace problems. What happens if it fails in the middle of winter? This can make indoor living unbearably cold for you and your family. The last thing you want is a faulty furnace during winter so you need to be proactive with inspections and maintenance. It can be challenging to pinpoint problems, but with regular checks, you can identify problems early. 

More often than not, the same problems plague furnaces all over, whether it’s a commercial or residential setting. By knowing how to identify the common problems, you can fix some of the basic difficulties yourself. However, never hesitate to call in professional help when you’re in need.

Here are four common furnace problems and their solutions:

Duct Leaks or Obstructions

If you’re not feeling any warm air from the vents, or some rooms don’t receive adequate heating or cooling, and yet the furnace is configured correctly, then you may be dealing with duct leaks or obstructions. Check whether your heating bill is rising yet you’re experiencing the same malfunction.

In such cases, your furnace requires a tune-up. Have a professional check the ducts for any leaks and seal them, if any. As noted at jenningsheating.com/cuyahoga-falls/furnace-tune-up/, a tune-up comes with a thorough cleaning of your furnace, which will remove any obstructions. If your ducts have exceptionally deteriorated, then you can have them replaced.


If you notice your furnace turns on and off faster than usual, then there could be an underlying problem. Short cycling is caused by a clogged air filter, improper airflow through the ducts, or a wrong thermostat setting. To fix it, you’ll need first to ensure that the thermostat is correctly calibrated.

If the thermostat is working just fine, then you need to replace the air filter immediately. You should regularly replace such filters to avoid significant furnace problems. If this doesn’t work, your best bet is to call an expert to check for other potential causes. Sometimes short cycles occur because the furnace is too big for the home. 

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Squealing, Grinding, or Scraping Noise

If you hear a scraping or grinding noise coming from the furnace’s blower, then your ball bearings may have worn out. You need to turn off the furnace to avoid any irreparable damage. To fix such an incident, you’ll need to call in a certified professional. 

In other cases, you may hear a squealing sound from the furnace’s blower. Such sounds indicate a slipped or worn-out blower belt. If you have reasonable knowledge in the mechanical field, you can fix such an occurrence. Retighten the belt if you can’t see any wear on it. If you can, pick up a new one from the store and follow the furnace belt replacement instructions on the manual.

Starting Issues

At times, the furnace doesn’t turn on. In other scenarios, you’ll hear a sound like the furnace is on, but no hot air is created. These scenarios indicate problems with the thermostat, power, gas, or pilot light. To fix this, check whether the furnace is plugged in and whether the thermostat is calibrated correctly.

If this doesn’t work, then it’s best to call in expert help. Given the numerous different causes of this problem, it’s almost impossible to know for sure where the problem might be. It could range from something as simple as cleaning the gas burners and pilot light to something as complex as replacing the thermostat. Whichever it is, an expert is in the best position to assist.

Regular Maintenance is Important

When troubleshooting your appliance doesn’t bear any fruits, don’t hesitate to contact a trained HVAC contractor. It may save you time and money, given you may cause unintended damage while trying to fix the issue. Remember, regularly tune up your furnace to prevent these common problems from occurring. 


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