How To Make A 3D Model Of Your Home Renovation?

When you are all set with your dream home in your mind, making it a reality is a tough job. With so many details and choices, it is often confusing how to get the best combinations.

No matter how much experience you possess as an interior designer, certain choices may regret you later. Hence, a 3D interior design for your visualized home is the best way to escape such hurdles.

With plenty of 3D interior design apps, making a 3D model of your home renovation is like a breeze. If you are looking for a DIY home renovation project, these apps are a boon for you.

Let’s dive into detailed steps of making a 3D model of your dream home:

Take a measured approach

To recreate your renovated home, you must know the measurements. A 25-foot retractable tape measure is considered a useful tool for exact measurements. To get a rough estimate, you can use augmented-reality tools.

Find out the measurements to put together a floor plan

Pro-tip: Take the measurements of everything, including windows in space and fixtures like radiators. If you are planning to buy shelving, furniture, and appliances, consider the measurement as well.

Find reliable software

With ample software available in the market, choosing the best one is always challenging. There is much-augmented reality software to show virtual objects in your dream house. To enjoy several intuitive design options, you can choose a free edition as a beginner.

Check out the video tutorials and illustrated user guides to understand how this software produces desirable results.

You can try SketchUp Free from many browsing-based drawing programs. It offers a paid version with advanced features too. There are many competitors’ websites and applications that facilitate you with paid and free versions of 3D modeling.

Create a detailed floor plan

If you have a clear layout, you can design a floor plan accordingly. It will be a scale model in the program’s workspace, a grid of squares representing meters or feet. Use home design software to create the floor and walls of your house. Add stairs, doors, and windows to complete the layout.

You can also take the help of floor plan services to sketch a desirable blueprint. It does not require any technical knowledge or training to start with. Drawing a room from scratch is intimidating. Check out the sample files and templates to seek help.

Simple clicking and dragging techniques help modify such templates and bring them close to your visionary home renovation layout.

Add furnishing

As you are ready with a floor plan, next is to furnish it. Add desirable colors to the floor and walls to check if they are in sync or not. Add furniture, cabinets, kitchen appliances, and other fixtures. There is an option to choose the furniture and fixtures by their brand names or add generic products.

By dragging and dropping the furniture and fixtures to the floor plan in the right way to ensure that the placement is right. You can also personalize your design.

Choosing different styles of windows and doors are at the discretion of the software you choose. Many software offers customized wallpaper, curtains, flooring, and other furnishing to curate a detailed floor plan close to your imagination.

Check out in 3-D

There is an option of split view between 2-D and 3-D models for several apps. Some other display program projects are in 2-D by default. Once you add dimension, it upscale to 3D. A 3D room is clearer with the in-depth indie on all the furniture, fixtures, and other material in your house.

Various issues are prominent in 3D projection than a 2D projection

Once you are all set with your detailed plan, take a print and handover to your contractor.

What are the advantages of 3D modeling?

The multiple 3D modeling offers some of the incredible benefits as follows:

  • Create an illustrative and quick visual
  • To help you with the right choices of interior
  • Makes the process of home improvement easier and effective
  • Build confidence in the existing floor layouts and strategies.
  • To make the necessary alterations in design, wherever required

Why should I consider 3D modeling for my home renovation?

Many of us believe that 3D modeling adds to your expenses. But there are several free software that helps you make your dream home come true without pinching your pockets.

Here are the reasons why you should consider 3D modeling for your home renovation:

  • Brings accuracy in space planning

One of the considerable reasons why one should consider a 3D model of their home renovation is to avoid the piles of two-dimensional plans pages. Using advanced 3D modeling, you can derive a coherent plan by merging all the pages into a consolidated digital file.

The 3D model allows higher accuracy in measurements over a single digital drawing; the chances of any inconsistency are bleak.

  • Eliminates the remodeling mistakes, if any

You were in the midst of your project when you realized that the LED lights you finalized for your renovation are not compatible. Now, what will you do? Most of the homeowners who rely on 2D presentations often face such issues. Such minor mistakes often lead to expensive implications at the later stages.

Home renovation planning with accuracy is the best way to make your project economical. If you go by the trial and error method by avoiding 3D modeling, you may end up spending thousands of dollars to correct each of your errors.

  • Ensure better communication between the designer and homeowner

Sometimes, homeowners are not able to explain their minds to the designers. As 2D blueprints are not presentable in an accurate form, this lack of communication may result in a deviation between your expectation as a homeowner and the final result.

The 3D design represents your dream home’s beautiful photorealistic layout and helps identify any nonconformity quickly.  From figuring out the best spot for your TV to understand the right cabinet placement in your kitchen, the 3D model can project the minutest details of your home renovation.


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