7 Bohemian terraces you will adore this summer

One of the most popular terrace or balcony styles you can choose for summer is the bohemian one. Get inspired by your favorite holiday destination, you favorite beach bars or tropical spots and create the perfect bohemian outdoor space. Check out 7 bohemian terraces you will adore this summer:

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1. Moroccan meets country

If you love the country style you can also mix it with the Moroccan one. Those two styles scream summer and the need of vacation so they will blend in perfectly. They also have beautiful prints which will make your bohemian terrace really stand out!

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2. Calm moments

Choose only white and neutrals for your bohemian terrace to really create a calm and relaxing vibe outdoors. The only colors you need are the vivid ones from all the exotic oversized plants you can choose for this terrace style.

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3. Outdoor jungle

Make an outdoor jungle in your terrace or balcony by making your favorite plants the stars of your home. Choose flowing plants, the crawling ones for your walls and, of course, decorate all the extra floor space you have with overzised plants.

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4. Salmon details

A great bohemian terrace idea for summer is painting your balcony or terrace wall in salmon pink. This shade looks both joyfull and fun and goes great with woven and wooden furniture.

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5. Woven elements

Get inspired by famous beach spots and Ibiza bars and create a relaxing spot in your outdoor space that will make you want to stay in the sun and have a fun cocktail at home. Choose vintage inspired umbrellas and the dreamiest woven furniture and deco elements you can find.

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6. Beach vibes

Make a bohemian terrace that will make you want to stay on the floor on carpets and comfy pillows. Surround your balcony or terrace with a reed wall that will make you feel like being on the beach and decorate the entire space with a sitting area with furniture and one with bohemian carpets and fun and boho pillows with frills.

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7. Blue notes

Blue is a great pop of color to choose for a neutral bohemian terrace. It makes you think of the dreamy sea and the beautiful sky and it goes great with brown! Choose it for your pillows, deco elements, glasses and plates or throw blankets.

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