8 Cottage core kitchens that show this is the most popular kitchen trend of the summer

When it comes to kitchen spaces in 2021 I think we have an absolute winner this season! I’m talking about the cottage core kitchen spaces that easily impress you with their special charm. So, check out 8 cottage core kitchens that show this is the most popular kitchen trend of the summer:

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1. Romantic details

The cottage core kitchen spaces tend to have that special small village charm which makes them even more romantic! To emphasize on this lovely romantic vibe fill a retro vase, jar or even a watering can with your favorite flowers and decorate this space with a fabulous vintage inspired chandelier.

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2. An easy way to cook

The cottage core kitchens have all the pens and pots shown and shinning on shelves or special hook, especially the dreamy copper ones. Having everything shown makes you want to cook more, can give you new recipes ideas and can motivate you in trying to cook more in your gorgeous cottage kitchen space.

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3. A vintage collector’s dream

If you own a vintage collection of plates, mugs, glasses or other dreamy deco elements or objects that are related to the kitchen you can easily show them on a special rack or a glass cabinet. In this kitchen style any retro collection will fit right in giving the space even more personality.

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4. A calm and relaxing look

The cottage themed kitchens have usually a neutral colors scheme, are white and often have different touches of colors showing the shades of flowers, fruits, the nature or the Earth. Their color palette creates a calm and relaxing space where you will enjoy to spend time or entertain guests.

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5. All about art

Remember the famous paintings that show fruits or vegetables compositions in different corners of your kitchen? Well, these lovely paintings and compositions can serve as inspiration in creating a dreamy cottage kitchen space where the colors and kitchen objects really stand out creating art.

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6. Craftsmanship roots

The art of craftsmanship can easily be shown in a cottage inspired kitchen. This trend is getting more and more popular this summer, so invest in unique elements that are hand made like pottery vases or mugs and make them the starts of your cottage inspired kitchen.

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7. The beautiful flowers

Flowers or tree branches can’t miss from the lovely cottage core kitchens. These spaces are usually a celebration of nature and the simple life so they will always seem fresh and have an amazing scent when entering the room.

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8. The charming sitting area

Having breakfast or lunch in a cottage inspired kitchen space will give you a great intimate feeling of being in a chic bistro or coffee spot. Choose retro or nature themed chairs for this space and pair them with a round or wooden table and then decorate it with fresh food and your favorite seasonal flowers.

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