7 Tarot & Zodiac inspired pieces we love at Urban Outfitters

Get into magical moments with tarot, astrology and cosmic elements that make any corner of your home super dreamy and full of personality We gathered 7 Tarot & Zodiac inspired pieces we love at Urban Outfitters:

1. The magical tarot wallpaper

This creative and mystical wallpaper will bring an original and magical vibe in any room or corner you add it in. Pair it with vintage elements, candles and crystals and enjoy a colorful space, full of personality. Shop it here.

2. Tattoo tarot set

Looking for a new tarot set? Then, try this dreamy one featuring illustrations of traditional tattoo tarot iconography. Go and take a look at it right here.

3. The zodiac duvet set

Personalize your bed with this zodiac duvet set that will make you think of having a magical good night sleep. Pair it with pastels and neutrals and also romantic looking elements and check it out here.

4. Zodiac led lights

If you’re passionate about zodiac signs, then you will love this zodiac led lights that are a great conversation starter at a home party. Decorate a dreamy corner with them and shop them here.

5. Tarot inspired tapestry

Make the magic happen in your home with some colorful tarot tapestry. It will stand out in any room or corner you add it in so purchase it here.

6. The cosmic collage kit

Make a cosmic and magical inspired space, especially a bedroom one, with this original cosmic collage kit. Pair it with bohemian elements and creative pieces and check it out here.

7. The astrology throw blanket

Personalize a corner of your home with this dreamy astrology throw blanket you can add in a reading corner, on a terrace, on your bed of lazy nook. Shop it here.

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