7 Tips to decorate your home with plants in a dreamy way

Let’s prepare for summer with a nature inspired home. Plants bring a fresh air in your home with lots of health benefits, making also a home nature themed and relaxing looking. All this aspects makes our life pretty and comfortable and yes, plants are that comfy and nature familiar looking element you need in your home to escape and feel more relaxed. So, check out 7 Tips to decorate with plants in a dreamy way :

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1. A living room that brings you closure to nature

The living room is the perfect space to bring the outdoors indoors, so do that using a lot of green plants, especially oversized ones and small trees. They look lovely and even more comfy in a living room filled with wood and other nature inspired materials or one with a retro or mid century vibe.

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2. The perfect bedroom space for day dreaming

Start day dreaming in a bedroom filled with plants in all sizes. Make this space looking even more comfy with a lovely woven lamp, pillows cushions and covers with frills, cool textures and ethno details and you will have the perfect bohemian and relaxing looking bedroom space.

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3. A travel inspired reading corner

Make your reading corner the perfect hideaway space and give it a vacation and exotic travelling vibe with oversized plants. This comfy looking space that has also the most comfortable chair you can pick will be your perfect home nook and it will make you feel like being in a tropical jungle.

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4. An inspirational office space

Everyone wants to work in the nature, but you can do that also from the comfort of your home and surrounding your desk with lots of plants, especially with floating ones. They will bring a happy, healthy and inspiring touch to this working area you always need an optimist and creative input in.

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5. A relaxing farmhouse kitchen

The perfect farmhouse kitchen has a lot of green plants added on open shelves, on a kitchen island or on the table. The relaxing materials a farmhouse kitchen has along with green plants will create the perfect comfy and calm space for your kitchen area.

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6. Taking a bath in the nature

Felling like taking a bath or shower in the middle of nature? Well, nothing more simple for your home. Surround your bathtub with plants and add on top of it floating ones and, as for a shower cabin, surround it with tropical plants to watch while showering, amazing vibe!

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7. A garden looking balcony

Prepare for summer with a balcony garden. Yes, any open space is the perfect space for a garden, so choose plants that work when are held outside and pick as many of them as possible. For a even more comfortable space, choose a woven swing to go with them.

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