6 Gorgeous Ways to decorate your desk with plants


We love plants and they should be a must-have in any office space. Think about what plants to choose according to your home office style and space and check out 6 Gorgeous Ways to decorate your desk with plants:

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1. The bohemian look

Transform your office space in a calm bohemian oasis that will make your work seem more relaxing than ever. Focus on green, earthy shades and neutrals when decorating this space and add gorgeous plants in neutral and chic pots with creative shapes or in pottery pots. Moreover, add oversized green plants around this gorgeous space decorated with neutral and relaxing looking furniture.


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2. Nature inspired items

Plants can look amazing in a nature inspired corner like your desk space. So, choose woven or wooden furniture when it comes to your work from home area and add as many plants as possible. Match this dreamy green and brown color combo with tiny neutral deco elements and white accents for the perfect calm looking space.

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3. The retro look

Every trend has it’s favorite plants and when it comes to a vintage inspired desk space there are some popular retro themed plants that really work wonders in this space – choose their tiny version for the desk and add the oversized ones on the floor. The perfect retro plants you can choose are: Monstera, Spider plant, the palm, the fern or even the succulents.

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4. Dream big!

If you are a big daydreamer and you spend most of the day at work searching for new ideas, then, choose floating plants for your desk space. Hang your favorite plants from the ceiling creating a dreamy and magical space that will look super creative.

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5. Add plants on floating shelves

Your desk space is a great corner to start a tiny plant or cactus collection. Tiny plants will look amazing on wooden floating shelves styled with books or deco elements that you need for your work or can inspire you in finding new ideas. They will also make this area more fresh and healthy purifying the air.

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6. Scandi look

Plants are a must-have for a Scandinavian or minimal desk space so are the chic olive trees or tiny home trees. Speaking of popular plants you can also choose for this space the stylish: snake plant, the palm, the fiddle leaf, Aloe Vera or Photos. One statement plant can be enough for this simple space, but you can always have more than one!

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