5 Dreamy ways to transform your balcony into a backyard

Even a small balcony can look like a dreamy backyard if you choose the right elements. So, this summer transform your lovely balcony into a cozy and welcoming backyard, check out 5 dreamy ways to do it:

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1. Choose  floor tiles

Usually home backyards have wooden floors that give the space a cozy and welcoming feeling that will make you want to spend hours and hours in that spot. Our favorite wooden tiles you can choose are the IKEA ones that not only create a backyard looking space in your balcony, but also are really easy to apply. Also, if you want a different kind of look choose the ones that look like stone or have different colorful prints or patterns, they will give the illusion of a backyard by the pool or a Mediterranean resort.

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2. Divide the space with dreamy carpets

Besides tiles, another great way to divide a space and create a backyard and cozy feeling in your balcony is by adding gorgeous bohemian inspired rugs. They look welcoming, warm and they are super comfy to walk on or sit on. Add the perfect tables and chairs on top of them and create a bohemian inspired space or plan a Moroccan night with carpets and pillows only and also some dreamy lamps and candles.

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3. Add plants everywhere!

Backyards are normally in gardens or surrounded by the dreamy nature in any form that’s why you should recreate that lovely nature vibe in your own balcony. Surround your balcony corners with oversized plants or small trees or pine trees and also hang dreamy green plants from the ceiling. Leave no corner empty of plants and add small plants also on your balcony tables or shelves, creating a lovely botanical garden in this space.

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4. Decorate the space with magic lights

If you want to give a backyard a dreamy and magical festival vibe than surround it with a lot of lights. The same rule applies for balconies – hang lights everywhere on your walls and also hang them from the ceiling to create a sky full of stars look. Also, emphasize on the magic look with a lot of white candles added in lamps or in special trays.

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5. Add a grill

A backyard can often be about getting a party starting or having a lovely barbeque party with friends or family. If you own a small balcony you can also add a small grill in a corner of it and really have a new escuse to plan a home party. Make sure you have space to add plates or serve and just find easy to do recipes and enjoy your balcony that looks like a backyard in the summer season.

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