How to Decorate Your Garden so It’ll Go Viral On Instagram 

When you move into a new place decorating is one of the most fun activities that you get to do. Whether it is decorating inside the house, the outside, or even the garden – it is one of the watershed moments in your adult life when you start decorating your own space. While decorating the interiors of your house is relatively easy, decorating a garden can be tricky.

You have to decorate your garden according to a budget, your aesthetic, and the purpose that you want to use it for. Don’t immediately start putting things in your garden if you don’t have an approach outlined. Planning is essential to make any space look elegant, and your garden is no exception. Lastly, find out how you can go about this process.

Check the Weather

The first thing that you need to look at when you start decorating your garden is the weather. The things you can put in your garden will depend heavily on the weather – from outdoor furniture, different installations, and plants. This is why you need to look up the weather and climate conditions in your local area.

For example, if you live in California, you should look up the weather in California before you start planning your dream garden. Living in dry conditions like that would exclude you from putting heavily water-dependent installations or plants in your garden. Instead, you can put desert flowers that Bloom in the extreme dry heat of the California sun.

Find Your Aesthetic

Most gardeners have a certain type of plant that they like more than others. These can be succulents, while for others, these can be vines or creepers or even more. When you begin to landscape your outdoor space, the second step that you should take is to find out your aesthetic. Would you like Jungle Vibe to your outdoor space, or would you prefer neatly trimmed bushes or something similarly easy to maintain?

Remember that beauty is in the eye of the gardener and that you should make a space that you want to inhabit. If you are an average gardener, remember that you will be using this space every day and that maintenance will also be your responsibility. Thus, you should make something that aligns with the look that you want and the amount of effort that you want to give.

And God Said, ‘Let There Be Light!’

An important factor that will set the look of your garden is the lights that you are going to put up. Think of lights as the tools that will help you extend your vision of your garden into a reality. Depending on the number of plants and trees in your home, you can put up a wide variety of lights. When you start, remember that your garden doesn’t have to be perfect. You can fine-tune it over time.

When positioning the lights in your garden, remember that plants are affected by light. A plant that cannot tolerate too much heat or light might weather near very bright lights. The gardener’s responsibility is to create a home for all flora, be it small or big. If you have a small space, you can do without a lot of products. Instead, you can always bring a small set of fairy lights to hang up on the wall surrounding your blooming bulbs.


Unless you are taking inspiration from urban gardening in apartments, you will likely need some seating when you landscape your home. If you are strapped for cash, then you can always pick up free seats in the form of tree stumps from local wood suppliers. You can even take inspiration from the environmentally conscious and use reclaimed wood as part of your gardens.

In fact, your only limit is your own creativity. Some people have even tried to grow their own chairs by manipulating trees to grow in two different shapes. You can also ask local woodworkers to make you beautiful customized seating options. You should also account for parties if you plan to host in your gardens. Make sure that there is enough for everybody to enjoy their time in your open space comfortably.

Fire and Water

An easy way to add a different level of elegance to your garden is to include an element of fire or water. While this would not have any part to play in your gardening, this would elevate your garden’s aesthetic. Gardeners generally don’t like anything except plants to be in their gardening space.

However, if you have some space left over after carving out areas for your plants, you can search for either a fire pit or a small artificial pond. You can search the internet for inspiration on how you can achieve this. You can even add a water or fire installation to give your existing garden a fresh look.

Photo by Carlita Benazito on Unsplash

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