6 Colorful kitchen spaces to enjoy this summer

The colorful kitchens are getting more and more popular, so dare to chance the classic white, beige or grey with a new trendy color. Check out 6 colorful kitchen spaces to enjoy this summer:

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1. The pink kitchen

Pink gives a calm, chic and trendy vibe to a space. It’s summerish and even romantic and goes great with both dark and neutral shades. So, choose pink for a French, farmhouse or glam themed kitchen space.

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2. The navy kitchen space

Navy kitchens never seem to go out of fashion, making this space super elegant and timeless and also very trendy if you pair it with golden handles. Choose this look for a traditional kitchen, a glam, retro, industrial or even a farmhouse one.

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3. Sage green kitchen

Sage green is super popular this year and you should also consider it for your kitchen space. It brings out a nature and chic vibe in this space and it’s also calm looking and makes a room seem more spacious. Choose it for any style and pair it with Earthy and nature inspired shades.

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4. The forest green kitchen

Forest green is always a great option for a kitchen space, especially if you pair it with gold to make it look glam, or with earthy shades to make it nature inspired. It’s the color of nature and elegance and goes with almost any look, from a modern to a retro one.

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5. Sky blue kitchen

This calm looking blue makes you think of the dreamy sky and some dreamy chill days at home. It goes great in a chic French kitchen, a modern one or even a retro one with a shabby twist or a cottage vibe.

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6. Black vs light shades

Black is now popular also in the kitchen space, but make sure to pair it with neutrals to have also a bright and spacious looking kitchen. Choose half half when it comes to black and pair black cabinets with white ones or with open wooden shelves for a trendy farmhouse look.

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