9 Additions This Summer to Make Your Backyard Fun

As the weather gets warmer and the sun shines brighter, more and more families will start spending more time outside. But, if you haven’t touched your yard since last year, it’s probably in need of some upgrades. Here are some additions you can make to your backyard that will turn it into the most fun space of your entire home!

1. Decorate the garden

 Your garden area deserves a lot of love. Trim the bushes, plant fresh blooms and add some decor pieces, such as a set of personalized garden stones! The garden area can become a place of tranquility and serenity with water features and landscaping that privatizes the area. Placing hedges in a border pattern to section off the garden area will also help to make the space more fun when guests are over. If you’ve got kids or pets, they can all play out in the rest of the yard while the adults hang out in the garden area. With some brick pavers and some patio furniture, the garden will really shine!

2. Downsize your current backyard

 Get rid of all the clutter and unnecessary backyard items. If the kids have all grown up, it’s time to remove the backyard playset. Sell or donate all your extra planters and unnecessary gardening tools. Removing all the unnecessary items will ensure your yard is ready for all the new additions that will make it fun!

3. Add a deck

 If you don’t already have a deck, consider adding one! A deck is a great addition to any backyard. It gives you an extension from your kitchen, living room or even your master bedroom. You can add a roof to it or leave it open to get lots of sunshine. Depending on the size of your deck, you can add a variety of outdoor furnishings — whether you create a full outdoor cooking area or place a long farmhouse table right in the center, a deck will really transform your space.

Photo by Luis VIllafranca on Unsplash

4. Refresh the flowers

 Refreshing the flowers and adding new blooms to your backyard will really upgrade the space and make it more fun! Sometimes what makes a space more fun is when it looks bright, cheery and inviting. New flowers do just that! Even if you’ve already established a space for flowers in your backyard, refreshing the blooms you plant there will not only make the space feel new but keep your backyard fun and inviting! Add a fun personalized garden sign next to your flowers to welcome all your guests to your outdoor space, along with some globe lights to illuminate any paths.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

5. Add pathways

 Whether you put down stone, rocks or brick, adding pathways in your backyard will only elevate it. It’s a great way to connect separate areas of your backyard so they all feel as though they’re part of one collective piece. The pathways really bring all the areas of your backyard together, and they also can help your guests from point to point without worrying that they’re walking through soft ground or a space they aren’t supposed to. With so many materials and ways to lay out your paths, your backyard will look like something out of a magazine!

6. String up lights

 Adding lighting to your backyard is one of the best ways you can make it more fun and inviting. One of the deterrents to spending all night out in your backyard is the lack of light — with string lights and lots of different ways to hang them up in your backyard, you’ll easily find that your outdoor space is where you spend all your time. Cookouts will last longer, and so will your ability to stay outside for longer periods of time. You won’t want to leave your backyard!

For a classic, traditional look in your backyard, consider using Edison lights. For something more contemporary and unique, use globe lights or lights shaped in different ways, such as stars or even squares! Criss cross them for an interesting design feature, or wind them up the poles of your desk or pergola. Your guests will be amazed, and your outdoor space will feel refreshed!

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

7. Add a water feature

Whether it’s a small waterfall that’s battery operated, a koi fish pond or a pool, adding water features to your backyard will only make it more fun. Pools are especially great because it gives you a way to cool off during the summer months, and your friends and family won’t want to stay away from your home!

However, it can be a high maintenance addition to your backyard, so make sure you have the time and money for the upkeep. If a pool seems like too much hassle for you, or you live in a drought-prone area, a small waterfall feature that’s battery operated and recycles the water put into it is a great alternative. You can even use items such as garden stones to create your own water feature!

8. Install a fire pit

Fire pits create conversation and warmth for cool summer nights — yes, there can be a cold summer night! Roasting marshmallows isn’t just for the fall and winter. Depending on your locality’s requirements, installing a fire pit can turn your backyard into a beautiful and fun outdoor space.

You can even use it as an alternative grilling station — just make sure you use food-safe fire starters. It’s a great way to make your space feel warm and inviting in your backyard. Add some adirondack chairs and even a bench or two around the fire pit for additional seating to make your guests feel welcome.

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

9. Add a fence

Fences create privacy, so it’s important that you have a fence installed in your backyard. It helps to keep neighbors from nosily peering into your party, and it allows your guests to have more fun because they aren’t worried about someone watching them. Plus, if you have kids — or any of your guests do — they’ll feel much more safe while at your home because they know their kids won’t get lost or go running off where they aren’t supposed to.

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