6 Master bathroom ideas for a gorgeous home

If you have more than one bathroom space, than think big for your master bathroom. Think of a special design and have in mind the new trends, the SPA influences and a very calm vibe. Check out 6 master bathroom ideas for a gorgeous home:

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1. The glam SPA

A glam look is always a good idea when it comes to the master bathroom and the main element you can choose is a fabulous golden chandelier. Think of the SPA designs and make your master bathroom a glam SPA with wooden stools, fancy white towels, woven baskets and exotic plants and flowers.

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2. Farmhouse vibes

The farmhouse style is super popular right now for the bathroom spaces bringing a calm and relaxing vibe to this dreamy room. So, pick it for your master bathroom and choose a woven lamp, some trendy wooden cabinets and dreamy green plants, eucalyptus leaves or tree branches.

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3. Bohemian look

Make your master bathroom the ultimate show stopper with a dreamy bohemian look. Add a carpet and an oversized plant next to your bathtub and decorate this lovely space with Moroccan deco elements and prints and also choose a wooden cabinet for the sink.

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4. Vacation feeling

Get inspired by the bathrooms you see in your holidays and vacations and make your master bathroom really special and relaxing looking. Choose a woven lamp, frame your favorite landscaped in wooden frames and choose printed towels, wooden cabinets and a glam mirror for this space.

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5. Wooden details

Pick Earthy and neutral shades for your bathroom space to make it look really calm. Choose a wooden lookalike floor and some dreamy wooden cabinets along with a woven lamp and some other dreamy woven storage solutions or baskets. Make this space looking super fresh with your favorite seasonal flowers.

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6. Fancy look

A master bathroom should look fancy and elegant so surround a retro inspired bathtub with a Moroccan rug, a lot of green plants and a fancy lamp. Make this space truly special with small deco elements like a wooden staircase or stool, a wooden cabinet and some retro lamps.

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