7 fun tips for summer home decor

The end of spring is a time when everyone traditionally goes on vacation, and there is an excellent opportunity to take a fresh look at the home environment and complement it. But maybe it lacks some zest? This article will help you to refresh your home for summer.

Disney collectibles

Disney collectibles allow you to create a new magical vibe for  your home. If you have children, they will definitely appreciate such a new update in the decor, especially girls. For example, you can order a pair of Disney princess figures, which in the future will serve as a hobby for the child, who will continue to collect Disney accessories in the future.

Elegant shelves

You can buy yourself comfortable and elegant shelves, organizing the space around you better. You can also put there Dsney figurines from the last item that will complement the image of the room. Or you can try to make them yourself by choosing the shape you want. Agree, the shelf does not have to be rectangular (especially if you are not sure that the hand will not waver at the crucial moment). Practicality and beauty do not interfere with each other.

Moreover, curved edges or shelves in the form of compositions look unusual and fresh. So it’s a small matter – to find a convenient saw that allows you to make curly cuts. By the way, a homemade shelf does not have to be wooden: it is also nice to cut plastic and Plexiglass.


Old-fashioned lamps or dim, dusty light bulbs standing in them kill the interior. A stylish floor lamp by the sofa, a large and bright lampshade for overhead lighting, a futuristic table lamp will immediately make the room more modern. And the new light bulbs are brighter. Choose warm or cold light to match the shades in the room. With it, you can carry out zoning: a separate lamp for the recreation area, for the desktop, and so on.

Vases with flowers and herbs

Fresh flowers refresh the interior. Get beautiful vases and do not let them gather dust until the birthday or holidays, which give bouquets. Buy flowers for your home from time to time. Your apartment will immediately look more elegant, and a floral fragrance will appear in the room. Freshen up the kitchen’s interior will help spicy herbs: get rosemary, basil, thyme, mint, and other culinary plants.

Decorate the walls with unusual objects

The walls are not necessarily decorated with paintings or framed photos. Instead, you can hang a beautiful hat, a guitar or a ukulele, a collage of plates bought on a trip, a garland with lanterns, a wicker panel-the choice is limited only by your interests and imagination.

Beautiful textiles

The unity of textiles can achieve the beauty of the interior. Buy an exciting tablecloth or napkins for plates. Throw the new pillows on the sofa. Hang nice towels in the bathroom. Buy new bed linen or a cozy knitted blanket. Textile items do not have to be the same color — they must be combined with each other.

Photos by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

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